Where was I over Thanksgiving? Oh yeah, a farm in Idaho…

*So apparently Jessica Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey* are so over. Honestly, those two are on the cover of a tabloid every other week...sometimes every week and I am sick of it. At first, I bought into it. _"Oh...did you see the look Jess shot him on the red carpet?"_ or, _"Check it out, no wedding ring!"_ Then I got to thinking...these stories didn't really exist back when they had their Newlyweds show on MTV.
Back then there was proof that they were happily married. So then, I stopped paying attention to it all together. _(Not that I ever paid that much attention to it in the first place.)_ But now it appears that they actually are separated. I am just now accepting this. _(Not that it breaks my heart)_, I just don't buy into all the tabloid gossip...but I do like the photos of celebrity outfits...

My Life On Mondays

Right now I'm in a Mac store at the mall, using the computer on my break. I recently discovered that all the computers on display are hooked up to the Internet. So far, none of the enthusiastic workers have asked me to stop checking my email...I usually mutter something about wanted to check out how safari works and they back off. It's partly true actually, see, I'm thinking of making the big change from Windows to Macintosh this Christmas. For those of us raised with computers...I can remember the first family computer when I was about 10, _(it had a black screen and green writing)_, the computer is a daily a telephone. Sometimes I think about what it would be like to have gone through college without a computer. Or without the Internet for that matter. I have become dependent on the Internet, which I don't see as a bad thing, I think of it as the future. I use it for things my parents wouldn't even think of...looking up phone numbers, restaurant menus, driving directions, store hours, movie times, Switching over to Mac really will be a big change for me. I'm so used to pressing control-alt-delete and control-Z to undo. Sometimes... _(now this is really sad)_ I make a mistake in real life, like knock over a cup or break a glass and my first instinct will be to push undo. That says something about our generation, or maybe just my mental health. I'm not saying other generations aren't willing to embrace new technology, but it's just that, they have to embrace it...or at least, try it. I think we sort of have an inherent knowledge of it. Take my grandpa for example. I arrive at my grandparents house for Thanksgiving and he comes down the stairs with white ear buds in his ears. He's bought the new iPod Video. I'm in shock. I spent the whole trip helping him download to iTunes and it was really fun. I think Macintosh might make the generation gap a little smaller. Anyway, if only Mac could see what I'm writing....nice things..., but I think they're starting to suspect my motives and my break is almost done with. I don't know why I'm nervous to move everything from my good ol' Dell over to an ibook. If my grandpa can do can I. *stacy

The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

*Happy Thanksgiving!* Hope you're all enjoying the break. I don't know about you, but I am stuffed. I know one great way to burn off all those pumpkin pie calories would be to wake up at 4 am and go sale shopping, on the biggest shopping day of the year, "Black Friday."
*I'm staying in bed,* but for those of you shoppers who do brave the cold weather, long lines, screaming, kicking, and name-calling...well, good luck. Maybe report back to the rest of us on the great deals you got and _(while you're at it)_ let me know if there _really_ is kicking, name-calling, biting, etc. There probably isn't...wait, don't tell me. If I knew I wasn't risking personal safety _(since I'm currently insurance-less)_ I would probably go shopping. And that would be a lose-lose situation for me. I'd lose sleep and you see, *I'm better off thinking I'd get trampled to death if I went to Walmart at 5 am*. people enjoy your unabashedly risky shopping habits...maybe you'd like to run with the bulls in Pamplona, or go sky-diving too. *_You, risk-takers, you._*

UChic Entertainment Buzz: RENT

*RENT, the movie based on the Broadway musical* comes to theaters today with most of the orignial cast reprising their orignial roles. Check out University Chic's "Entertainment Reviews":// for Executive Editor Stacy Hinojosa's opinions on recent movies like *Harry Potter* and the Goblet of Fire and *Derailed* and UChic Correspondent Lauren Tetenbaum's cinema experience and movie reviews from Rome, Italy where she is currently studying.

My Life on Mondays

*I have writer's block.* So I'm going to cheat and write about what is on my desk in front of me, but I have to warn you, if I start describing how my chewed pencil is really a metaphor for life, please stop reading this and send me an email telling me to cut it out. *My Portfolio* - It's actually the _only_ thing on my desk right now. I had it there for an interview I've been preparing for. My portfolio is bright yellow. Inside is everything I've done in college that reflects my experience in my chosen field. I have clips from the best newspaper articles I've written, a couple of un-published magazine articles I wrote for a class, a well-written grant proposal _(even though I didn't get the grant)_, a few good letters of recommendation, a certificate of achievement or two, a spreadsheet categorizing the 105 informational articles I wrote for my internship at an Internet company, _(seriously, google my name and you'll get stuff like "Expert Real Estate Advice If You're Moving to Ocean City")_, a couple of screen images from websites I created, and last, but not least, _(actually, right in front)_ the six pages of magazine I designed for my final project. *If you don't have a portfolio of your work, I strongly suggest you create one*, even if you're years away from your job-hunt. A well-designed and professionally done portfolio, _(along with your resume)_ is the best way to show people what you have achieved and how hard you have worked. And believe it or not, the best person to show it yourself. *Flipping through my portfolio reminds me of the experience I have*. Besides building my confidence, my portfolio serves another purpose: research station. In the front pocket I keep other items that help me while I'm preparing to interview for a grant, internship, job, whatever. I have a list of professional contacts, along with company addresses, phone numbers and emails. I also have lots of newspaper clippings _(that my mother has so nicely clipped out for me)_ from the Career section of the newspaper on nailing an interview, writing an interesting and effective coverletter and breathing new life into your resume. I also keep the postings for any jobs I'm interested in, as well as scratch paper for note-taking. *This is how I prepare for an interview.* First, I write down my strongest qualifications, the key points I want to make sure I get across, _no matter what_. For this particular interview there are 4 of them. Next, I make a list of a few routine questions and jot down my responses to them. _"What is your biggest weakness?" Why should we hire you?" "Where do you see yourself in five years?"_ And finally, I make a list of the questions I have for them...they always ask you if you have questions for them. *I'd like to know what your portfolios look like. Has anyone ever created a portfolio on a CD or a website portfolio? Send me your portfolio secrets at* *stacy

UChic Entertainment Buzz: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

!! *Okay, I admit it...I love Harry Potter.* And while it's not the most en vogue of interests, I don't see anything wrong with it. It all started back in high school when my mom promised me $10 if I read the first one. I was too into Seventeen magazine and Archie Comics (any Archie fans out there?... _probably not_.) Anyway, I read the book and I was hooked. While I was in London last semester, I even met up with the owl who played Hedwig...Harry Potter's owl in the first movie. He was very humble. *So tonight at midnight, I am going to see the fourth movie*, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on the movie. Is anyone else as excited as I am?

Check it Out: A UChic Campus Trend Alert….Geocaching

The other day at my university, a bomb squad detonated a small unmarked box by the police station. Well, it wasn't a bomb. *It was a geocache.* Geocaching is quickly becoming a popular hobby among outdoor enthusiasts and geography buffs...some even call it a sport. It's a game that uses global positioning coordinates (GPS) to mark secret locations of hidden boxes called geocaches. _So what's in these treasure boxes?_
*There are thousands of geocaches in the United States.* What's inside of them varies. Sometimes there are prizes or small trinkets left by other geocachers to prove they've been there. Other times there is just a log book to sign. Sometimes there will be a disposable camera for you to take a picture of yourself with the box and leave for the next person to develop. Every geocache is different and they are usually hidden extremely well _(unlike the idiot who put their geocache under a rock by a police station)_. *Don't believe me? Check out* "":// and enter in your zip code to see how many caches are in your own backyard! *And keep logging on to UniversityChic for an upcoming feature on geocaching* from Executive Editor, Stacy Hinojosa _(stacy has proclaimed geocaching her new favorite hobby despite the fact that she has no idea how a GPS system works and she's never located a geocache.)_ Check it out!

UChic Exclusive: Women in the Workplace Interview w/ Nicole Dreyfuss!

*I have been obsessed with the Margaret Nicole cable knit clutch* since...well, for a long time. I constantly visit the website to check out the latest ribbon choices and, while I'm embarassed to admit this, _(but when has that stopped me before)_, I have actually created a mock cable knit clutch out of paper to the exact dimensions so I could see how big it would be. After several months of this, I emailed the company with some questions and was shocked when _(within a few hours)_, I received response from the designer _(Nicole Dreyfuss)_ herself! I was so impressed, I went back to the website and read about her. *Her story about leaving a job on Wall Street to launch a handbag company was so inspiring*, I got back in touch with her and asked to interview her for this month's Women in the Workplace feature. *Enjoy!* "*Read the Interview!*"://

My Life on Mondays

_*For most, Monday mornings usually begin a new work cycle. But for this unemployed (unless-you-count-working-at-banana-republic-a-career) recent college grad, Monday mornings usually signal the start of a fresh week of self-loathing. Log on each Monday for a witty (read self indulgent) and adventurous (read criminally boring) slice of life from University Chic's Executive Editor, Stacy Hinojosa, an optimistic, job-hunting baccalaureate._

These Boots Are Made for Inducing Credit Card Debt

Well, Fall is here and I think I am coming down with a cold. I have been working hard at Banana Republic, putting in extra hours and spending most of my paycheck on a pair of black leather boots with tassles. I was lucky enough to find one of the few remaining pairs at the store and quickly _(too quickly)_ charged it on my new Banana Republic credit card. _By the way,_ check out the new "silver tafetta dress"://,175154&clink=175154 that I'm buying as soon as it comes in.
*While using my employee discount has been on my mind a lot lately,* I still find time to check out what's new on UniversityChic. In fact, I think I am going to take another glance at "Allison's tips":// on eliminating credit card debt. Honestly, I love reading articles from my fellow UChic writers because in a way, they are the experts. _Seriously._ Like Makeup Artist, Kim Weinstein, an actual beauty expert. Check out "Kim's list":// of Fall makeup trends. Who knew dark lips were big this season? It's true, I look to the UChic correspondents for their first-hand experiences and expertise on interviewing and dating the way I'm sure they look to me for expert advice on frivolous spending habits and how to land that awesome job at the mall. *Why, here's another example,* after reading the latest Q&A: Career and Intern Corner, I took "Tamara's advice":// and followed up on some of my internship and job leads and actually set up an interview with my dream company! I can't wait. I guess I'll cancel those Banana Republic business cards. Also, I researched some internship positions for next spring. To my surprise, everything I wanted was already posted! I've decided I'm going to apply tomorrow based on that whole early bird and worm theory. *stacy hinojosa graduated in August from Brigham Young University with a degree in journalism and is currently pursuing a career in magazine journalism and design. She has the day off from Banana, so she's making herself some hot soup. She'll probably go back to bed and snuggle up to her new tassle boots. You can email her at

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