Inside mtvU’s ‘The Backstory’ on Human Trafficking

When it comes to the lives of others, we often make premature judgments. We can’t see their backstory, so we don’t know the whole story.

MtvU recently worked with a bunch of college students to produce a wonderful interactive experience on "The Backstory" on human trafficking.

Top Places to Intern (And Get Paid)

Looking for an internship that pays and has a great internship program? You may not have to look any further than Glassdoor's list of the Top 20 Highest Rated Companies Hiring Interns Right Now.

The list is compiled by rankings from interns, level of interview difficulty and average monthly base pay, all good indicators of which companies treat their interns the best.

The Media Maven: Birth Control in Vending Machines?

Back when I was in high school, it was a big deal when the school administration took out all of the Vault sodas from our vending machines and replaced them with “healthier options.” That was the talk of the town.

Now, a bigger controversy has placed itself upon slot E6 ... birth control.

Although I think it's a weird place to put birth control in the first place, I guess since there is a vending machine is just about every dorm and hall at college, kids can now obviously and openly get their pills without being sneaky in CVS.

Chic (But Cheap) Spring Break Ideas

Want all the fun of a fabulous Spring Break but simply don’t have the funds? Here are some great tips on how to plan a budget break that won’t break your budget!

5 Items Incoming College Freshmen Need

A new school year is on the horizon, and for freshmen just entering college, it’s going to be a brand new experience.

I have a list of things that I think are important for college students to remember. From the small stuff to the big stuff, here is my list of essentials for incoming freshmen.

Diploma Diaries: Avoiding ‘Leaving the Nest’ Syndrome

I graduated with a master’s degree from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. I had come from an incredibly small town in Wisconsin and was in my late 30's and single. My family thought I was crazy, but I had always dreamed of living in NYC, and I was determined to make it happen. Once I found out I was accepted, I worked harder than I ever had to save money, even to the point of selling my possessions.

While getting to New York was hard, staying in New York after graduation was much harder.

Expert Gives Budget-Friendly College Spring Break Planning Advice

Spring Break is going to be here before you know it, so U Chic sought out the advice of Bob Diener, co-founder of and, for advice and ideas on where you and your crew can spend your vacation without breaking the bank.

U Chic Approved: Birchbox

Living on a college student’s budget is not one of the easier things to do in life. Between your everyday needs and the temptation of burning your new credit card into the ground with online shopping, every day is a battle.

The Incoming College Freshman’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Dorm

For most, college provides a first taste of independence. It is the bird leaving the nest ... the butterfly shedding its cocoon ... the leaving behind strict parental supervision!

At home, many teens have the luxury of someone else cleaning the house and cooking dinner, at least on occasion (and I don’t consider the dining hall a home-cooked meal). However, once away at school, students become completely responsible for their own well-being. The prospect is both exhilarating and terrifying.

5 Healthy & Easy Recipes to Have in Your Dorm Cooking Arsenal

Spring semester is upon us. We are far enough into the semester that the starting point is no longer visible, yet the end is nowhere in sight.

The resolutions we made in January are getting more difficult to keep due to stress brought on by overwhelming amounts of coursework, meetings, rush events, sports practices and a social life. With this in mind, it is the perfect time to ensure you have five healthy dorm room recipes in your arsenal.

You will be thankful for these quick, healthy and delicious dorm room recipes on your busiest days!