Staying Motivated During Fall Breaks

By Brianna Pennella, Ithaca College As the mid-way point of the semester rolls around, so does the need for a well-deserved break! You’ve been working hard and now it’s time for a little R&R. Some schools trudge on until Thanksgiving while others, like mine, offer a fall break in mid-October. This break falls right around

Christie Garton on Coach Me Radio

 Listen up, Chicsters! UChic founder Christie Garton will appear on CBS’s Coach Me Radio tonight, Tuesday, 10/8 at 5:30 PM ET.  Tune in to hear Christie’s tips on living your dreams and how to win at the game of life!  To find out more about the show, check out Coach Caroline and Coach Me Radio

5 Tailgating Recipes You Need to Try This Fall

By Megan O’Connell, Alumna of University of Wisconsin-Platteville ‘Tis the season for football and tailgating! It’s time to bust out your college logo sweatshirts and get some knitted boot warmers in your school colors because football season has arrived, ladies. When tailgating, you need to remember that it’s important to eat! Afternoon football games tend to

5 Things Your Teen Needs to Do Now to Prepare for College

After countless of hours spent on college applications, getting good grades and enjoying the final senior moments of high school, it’s time to help your teen decide which college is best for them.

But before settling on a school, here are five things your teen needs to do now to prepare for college!

Excess Baggage: Hang-ups You Need to Leave Behind Before You Head Off to College

You’re moving away to college within the next few weeks, so it’s time for a major reality check: Your life is about to change drastically and that can be a really scary thing to fully comprehend.

Holding on to the past can be comforting, but it's only going to hold YOU back once you start your life as a college student. The best way to make a fresh start is stop being helpless, to let go of what you can't change and to ditch any bad habits you’ve accumulated over the years.

The Guide to Buying College Textbooks

It’s that time of year again ... time to start buying textbooks! For most of us, we’ve spent the entire summer working just to save money for our college bill and planned to use any money we thought we had leftover to buy some new clothes or dorm supplies. Unfortunately, we’ll have to be using that to buy college textbooks instead.

Here are some ideas on how to buy college textbooks without going broke -- or at the very least, doing it in the cheapest way possible.

How to Save on 9 Dorm Room Must-Haves

Living in the dorms represents a great introduction to college life. The convenience factor alone is a selling point, but the social benefits are also enormous. Some lifelong friendships are hatched within dorm walls as students bond over challenging tests, annoying busywork and other campus happenings.

Despite these perks, dorm life isn’t all sunshine and roses. It also represents the first time you’re responsible for such expenses as food, laundry, toiletries and more. To help with this reality shock, here’s a list of dorm room essentials and ways to save on each item.

4 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Resume

If you're a recent grad without a job, it's time to pound the pavement for a job. Your resume is the first chance you have at impressing a potential employer, and if you don’t nail it, it might be your last.

Here are four tips to spice up your resume and make you stand out from the rest of the pile.

The Pros of Living in an All-Girls Dorm

During the summer before freshman year, room and building changes are very common.

You may not have gotten your first choice of the coed residence hall, but before you decide that all-girls residence hall living isn't the right thing for you, I encourage you to try it out for a few weeks. I know it would be more stressful to move at a later date, but all-girls residence halls are really awesome.

5 Chic (But Cheap) Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Shopping for a gift for Father’s Day is a really daunting task for any college student, especially since we're tight on money.

However, just because a gift is less expensive doesn't mean your father won't enjoy it any less. My rule is to buy your father a gift that he will love, but won’t really take the time to buy for himself. Here are a few ideas that could get you started!