Sorority Season: Keep Confident While Bidding

The sorority bidding process, though rewarding, can also be nerve-wracking. It can be tough to keep your game face on and keep your confidence up. Here are some tips to help you make it through. Bring a friend along to recruitment events for support. Not only will you have someone who can understand what you’re

1000 Dreams Fund Recipients

Each week during our 60-day Indiegogo campaign, we will introduce you to the awesome young women we are funding if our campaign goal is successfully reached. Each young women could receive a $1,000 scholarship if our goal is met. This week we’d like to introduce you to Emma and JoLynn! My Story: My dream is to go

Drama, How to Deal: College Edition

High school is so dramatic. But college isn’t, right?  Wrong. Drama can be found anywhere, from high school to college to the workplace and even family life. Drama is a really unfortunate part of life, but fear not, for it can be avoided. Follow along for some tips to avoid drama, college edition.  Avoid it

Make the Most Out of Free Time: Quick Organizational Tips

The one thing that anyone, especially undergraduates, wish they had more of, is time. With packed schedules, every student wishes they had even an extra hour just to catch up with themselves. Unfortunately, I can’t provide tips on how to actually get that extra hour, but with my Certified Professional Organizing license and my four

6 Studying Tips to Have A Successful Semester!

The summer is over (unfortunately). As hard as it is to admit, it is time to get back into the swing of having a set schedule everyday. Starting my third year in college, I found that the key to having a great college experience is being able balance academics, extracurricular activities, and your social life.

Campus Safety Tips

College is definitely a time to experience a whole new environment and outlook on life. But we have to remind ourselves to be cautious and proactive in our own safety and make an effort to promote the safety of our peers. Whether you’re going to a college in a small town and commuting to the

Fun With Friends: How to Host the Perfect Movie Night

    Whether you’re busy with school or your internship and need some relaxation, time away from your boyfriend or job, or just simply miss your girlfriends; hosting a movie night is the perfect option. This is a chance to enjoy the company of your friends before the semester starts kicking in. The most beneficial

UChic launches #1000Dreams on Indiegogo

We all know talented young women among us. But our research found that over 95% of high school and college-aged women lack access to funding for those critical educational expenses and out-of-classroom experiences that can change lives. WE ARE OUT TO CHANGE THAT. UChic is launching OUR FIRST PRODUCT – the “Gracie” computer case – on Indiegogo today. The campaign

Peace of Mind: Meditation Tips to Motivate Wellness

As the semester picks up and activities begin, stress levels rise. It’s easy to let the thoughts in your head overwhelm you, but the best way to keep the momentum going is to get into a routine and take care of yourself. Meditation is a way to escape from college life, homework assignments, and the

5 Questions To Ask Your New Roommate

The school year is rapidly approaching, and for some of us, it is already here. One of the most exciting (and anxiety-ridden) times of my senior year was looking for my future freshman-year roommate.  I have used just about every social media outlet to search for the “perfect” roommate such as Facebook, Twitter, RoomSurf, and