5 Quotes to Start the School Year

“Wherever you are, be all there.” –Jim Elliot Back to school brings all sorts of stress and emotions. Sometimes you need to read just the right thing to make the goodbyes, move-ins, and new school year seem more manageable. I love words, quotes, and mantras. Here are 5 of my favorites to kick off this

Post-Grad Insight into Freshman Year

When I decided to go away for college, I immediately turned to my cousins and friends who already had experienced all these college firsts I had so many questions about. I took in everything they said but knew that I would have my own experiences, make mistakes on the way, yet learn from those mistakes

Sanity Savers: Keep Busy During the Summer

Making sure you stay sane for the last few weeks until school can be difficult. School is almost here and you will have plenty of time to get involved and go to class in a little while. Until then here are some things you can do to keep busy: 1. See Your High School Friends:

8 Cute Ways to Stay in Touch With Friends

  Summers in college are so weird. Some people are home, others are out of town, and others are out of the country! Everyone has different schedules, routines, and priorities. As if being apart from friends during the school year wasn’t enough as it is, now adding a new summer agenda and being separated from

Digital Detox: Tips to Unplug

There comes a time when we all become overwhelmed with life, school, work and even technology. Although one of the more helpful advances we have today, technology can also be the source of stress or escalate stressful situations. The key to alleviating this all is finding a way to digitally detoxify yourself. It’s definitely difficult

Spend Your Summer Strengthening Your Resume

If you didn’t land an internship for the summer, do not sit there and sulk! There are still plenty of ways for you to have a productive summer all while strengthening your resume. These tips will help keep you on track over the summer while preparing yourself to be the perfect fit for any internships

Sorority Savvy: Spend Summertime with Sisters

  Your sorority sisters can be a family away from home, acting as a personal support system. But with everyone going their separate ways over the summer, it can be easy for the daily contact you’ve had over the school year to dwindle. Here are some ways to get back in touch before the new

3 Tricks to to Stay on Track During a Gap Year

The term “Gap Year” refers to people (at any age) whom want to take a year off from schooling. During “Gap Year,” people can travel the world, work fulltime, or virtually do anything that they want for a ‘year.’ In the United States, some people participate in Gap Year, but it’s more prominent in European

Get Creative: Everyday Ways to Beat Boredom

“There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it but then annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it” Phineas and Ferb have got it right—summer can get a little, or maybe even a lot, boring after the first couple of weeks.

Freshman Year Prep: Get in Gear Right Now

By now all you incoming freshmen are wasting the days away by the pool, sleeping until noon, and what not.  School is two months away and of course, in the middle of June, that seems like a life time away now, but sooner than you expect, it will be August and you’ll be rushing to