6 Ways to Stay Smart over Summer

Between the late night bon-fires, and constant Netflix marathons, it is easy to let your brain go on a vacation too! Follow this guide on How to Stay Smart over Summer, so that in September you will not only come back with a new tan, latest clothes, but some refreshed knowledge as well. 1. Beach

Summer Celebrations: How to Stay Smart and Safe

Everyone always tells you to watch your drink, stay around people you know, and never walk home from a party alone…but what about other celebration dangers that you have to be more aware of now that it is summer? Applying sunscreen and adhering to the rules of the beach and ocean are just a few

Wanderlust: Top 10 Summer Day Trips

Summertime is almost here!!!, and with soon to be scorching hot weather set to arrive at any moment we are beginning to start fantasizing about beaches, vacations, & fruity drinks. While many of of us would like to jet off to some exotic location or immerse ourselves in a new culture by visiting a foreign

7 Ways to Unwind for the Summer After A Hectic School Year

You’ve spent many nights cramming for exams, worked on group projects and papers, and have finally completed your final exams. While most of us are relieved that the school year is finally over, some of us have forgotten what it feels like to relax for the summer. Here are seven ways to unwind for the

No summer internship? Now What?

As an undergraduate, I decided to complete my internships during the fall and spring semesters of my junior and senior year. Although it was hectic at times, I preferred having my summers to work on things I may not have always been able to being away at school. If you do not have an internship

Keep Up With Sorority Sisters This Summer: Our Top Tips

  As a member of a sorority, you are constantly surrounded by supportive and inspiring women. Your sisters can become your closest friends. Now it’s finally summer, and everyone is heading off on their own adventures. It can be a challenge to go from seeing your sisters all the time to barely seeing them at

LYD Star: Actress and Author Swoosie Kurtz

Speaking to critically acclaimed actress, and recent author, Swoosie Kurtz is like having a telephone call with your favorite ‘grown-up’ female relative; a welcomed chat — enjoyable and entertaining to be sure— filled with articulate insight, true pearls of wisdom. Upon hanging up, you’ve got a new, fresh perspective, a great appreciation for women who’ve

Summer Skin: Best Seasonal Beauty Buys

As the spring warms into summer and school becomes an afterthought, the most flirty and fun season for makeup begins. From bonfires to grad parties, baseball games to patio dinners and the beach, here are some of my must-have beauty buys for flawless summer skin. I swear by tinted moisturizer for spring and summer looks.

Professional Practice: 3 Tips for Stellar Communications Skills

By high school, you’ve experienced hundreds of English lessons; from writing and reading to grammar and syntax— whether remembered or not— it’s all been covered. By the time college roles around, and especially by the time you’ve finished college, however, so much of what we’ve learned is lost. Most, if not all, colleges require Freshman

The Final Countdown: 5 Step Graduation Prep- High School Edition

As high schoolers eagerly await the final month, weeks, or days of school of the year, one group of students is particularly antsy—the graduating class of seniors. Whether their eagerness is to leave high school, to start a new chapter in their lives, or to go out with a newfound independence, either way, they know