Campus Life

Is this a guy vs. girl thing or what?

*Would you pay $95 dollars for a cashmere scarf?* Well, I would. At least, with careful consideration, much budgeting and planning and after I cut back on expenses for the week....I would. Is this wrong? The other day I was in a store with a friend of mine and I was tempted to buy this scarf. He told me I was out of my mind, crazy, reminded me of starving orphans in Africa...everything. He thought it was frivolous. I think it's okay to pay that much if it is a quality item and if you do it in moderation. His friends agreed with him. My friends agreed with me. Let's do a poll. If five people post a comment that I should buy the scarf....I will. If five people say it's too much...then I won't. By the way, did I mention I'm looking into humanitarian work in Africa?

London On My Mind

I'm sure that you're sick and tired of hearing about my experiences at Banana Republic, but let me assure you, _I_ am sick of _having_ experiences at Banana Republic... _which is why you should all make sure to have several job offers in your email inbox by the time you graduate college_. Anyway, I actually meet people from all over the world, since the mall that I work at is in a capital city. The other day I met someone from London, this is how it went: _"We're from London."_ _"Oh, really? I lived there last year."_ _"Oh, really? Where?"_ _"Oh, on Palace Court off of Bayswater by Queensway."_ _"Oh, we live in Putnam."_ _"Hey, that's where I went to see the boat races..."_ *People always ask me if I miss it there* _(London)_. I tell them yes, which is the But I distinctly remember that after five months I wanted to come back to America. I wanted good-tasting pizza, affordable pizza, and stores like Walmart, that have everything I need in one place and are open past 8 pm, instead of having to go to Boots for makeup, Ryman's for school supplies and WHSmith for a magazine. But now that I'm back, I do miss London...I miss Top Shop. I miss the Pancake Cafe on Little Russel Street. And I miss the crazies at Speaker's Corner. So it was with bittersweet longing that I read Jamie's new article, "The Ultimate Guide to London":// *If you've been to London, read it with fond memories*. If you haven't, go pour yourself a cup of tea and pretend that you're sitting across from Jamie by Tower Bridge. *Oh, and Jamie, here is some advice about the pashminas*. Go to Queensway where they sell them for cheap in every color of the rainbow and even though you are probably sick of them right now, and they are so wrinkled because you never have time to iron it, and there are bits of croissant and jelly stuck to the tassels, buy a lot of them for your friends and family. I wish I had them right now for Christmas gifts.

My Life on Mondays

I can't believe Christmas is in two weeks! I haven't really shopped at all for presents for people. And even though I am surrounded by mistletoe and wrapped presents at work, it still doesn't really feel like the holidays yet. Working at Banana Republic, it's really funny to watch guys come in frantically looking for something to get their girlfriends. I've been asked everything... _"Would you like this?", "Would this look good on a blonde?", "Will you try this on so I can see how it looks on you?"._ It's pretty comical. Someone today said to me, *_"The holidays are different when you're single."_ Agree or disagree?*

Fashion Trend of the Week: Rain Boots

*Rain Boots for Every Fashion Maven:* Rain or shine, colorful rain boots are everywhere. You can find jeans tucked into the boots or the classic mini skirt being worn with them. Being able to fearlessly jump into puddles and not care whether or not you just stepped in mud is more than enough reason to wear them. But they have many perks like keeping your feet warm and dry, and they're durable thus lasting oh so long! The catch is, however, trying to find the cutest pair. Some of my favorites come from Coach, Polo and Target! "Read More!":

UChic Career: Updating Your Resume

I had to do a scary thing yesterday....I had to update my resume. Updating your resume is kind of like getting a haircut or cleaning out your closet. It's something you do once and a while to freshen things up, get rid of old stuff _(like split ends or an ugly sweater)_. Anyway, I was reading an article the other day about really bad resumes. They list the top ten things to avoid when writing, or re-writing your resume. Among them are using unique, large or distracting fonts, givng out personal information such as height, weight, hobbies, etc., and exceeding more than three pages. I used to have a two page resume and I'm working on it. In college, I was always told that your resume should NEVER be more than one page long. That confused me because my father's resume is pretty long. I asked him. He said that it's okay to have more than one page of long as it's good stuff. He says the general rule in his line of work is one additional page for every ten years of experience. Here are my top three ways to improve your resume. *1. Keep it Current*: Exclude any achievements from high school...unless you are a freshmen or a sophomore in college. Then, you can include them, as long as they are worthwhile and positive. *2. Be Professional*: Create a new email account if your email is anything like This is bad. Create another account using your first and last name. *3. Don't Forget the Details*: A lot of times, you cut the resume fat in places such as your job description or responsibilites. This is not the place to trim lines. Go into detail about what you accomplished and how you helped the an employee exactly what you did there!

UChic Entertainment Buzz – Reality Show Guilty Pleasure

!! *I love America's Next Top Model.* I watched a marathon of the first season and then I haven't watched since then, so I'm probably missing out on a lot, but here are my thoughts on this cycle: *First, I love the fact that all the girls are 5'10 and wear size 10 shoes* _(I'm 5'8 and wear 9 1/2)_. My favorites from the show have been *Lisa* _(the coolest no matter what anyone says)_ and tomboy Kim. Now that both of them have been eliminated _(sniff sniff)_ I am forced to cheer on Nik. Not that I don't like Nik, she just doesn't have a whole lot of personality. *So it's down to Nik, Bre and Nicole...who are _you_ rooting for? Do you like the show? Do you agree with it's depiction of the modeling world?*

Denim Delight

*Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas says they love her "lady lumps" in Seven jeans and True Religion.* I'm sure that if we all looked like Fergie, we could probably wear jeans circa 1980 from Good Will and still "drive these brothers crazy." Unfortunately for most of us, jean-shopping is a nightmare, complete with pinched back fat, unpleasantly squeezed thighs and hellacious trips to the mall. It is a nightmare that comes back to haunt us every time we need a new pair and leaves us feeling utterly devoid of our sex appeal. I work in a store where we have jeans for people from size teeny-tiny to size 22, and believe me, *shopping for the perfect pair of jeans doesn't have to break the bank, the back and the spirit*. In fact, if you apply what you'll learn here to your shopping trip, what is usually a denim disaster can be quite a delight. "*Read more of Desha Dishes on Fashion...*"://

Trend of the Week: Leg Warmers

*A Bush in the Oval Office, sky high gas prices, new wave throwback bands* (The Killers, Bloc Party, The Bravery), soda companies producing ridiculous new soda flavors (Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper the new New Coke?) it certainly feels like we've been thrown back into the delicious era of the eighties! Well, if we're stuck in some kind of time warp, we might as well embrace it and rock the latest trend to hit the lower legs of neo-mall rats everywhere, the leg warmer! "*Read more!*"://

Where was I over Thanksgiving? Oh yeah, a farm in Idaho…

*So apparently Jessica Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey* are so over. Honestly, those two are on the cover of a tabloid every other week...sometimes every week and I am sick of it. At first, I bought into it. _"Oh...did you see the look Jess shot him on the red carpet?"_ or, _"Check it out, no wedding ring!"_ Then I got to thinking...these stories didn't really exist back when they had their Newlyweds show on MTV.
Back then there was proof that they were happily married. So then, I stopped paying attention to it all together. _(Not that I ever paid that much attention to it in the first place.)_ But now it appears that they actually are separated. I am just now accepting this. _(Not that it breaks my heart)_, I just don't buy into all the tabloid gossip...but I do like the photos of celebrity outfits...

My Life On Mondays

Right now I'm in a Mac store at the mall, using the computer on my break. I recently discovered that all the computers on display are hooked up to the Internet. So far, none of the enthusiastic workers have asked me to stop checking my email...I usually mutter something about wanted to check out how safari works and they back off. It's partly true actually, see, I'm thinking of making the big change from Windows to Macintosh this Christmas. For those of us raised with computers...I can remember the first family computer when I was about 10, _(it had a black screen and green writing)_, the computer is a daily a telephone. Sometimes I think about what it would be like to have gone through college without a computer. Or without the Internet for that matter. I have become dependent on the Internet, which I don't see as a bad thing, I think of it as the future. I use it for things my parents wouldn't even think of...looking up phone numbers, restaurant menus, driving directions, store hours, movie times, Switching over to Mac really will be a big change for me. I'm so used to pressing control-alt-delete and control-Z to undo. Sometimes... _(now this is really sad)_ I make a mistake in real life, like knock over a cup or break a glass and my first instinct will be to push undo. That says something about our generation, or maybe just my mental health. I'm not saying other generations aren't willing to embrace new technology, but it's just that, they have to embrace it...or at least, try it. I think we sort of have an inherent knowledge of it. Take my grandpa for example. I arrive at my grandparents house for Thanksgiving and he comes down the stairs with white ear buds in his ears. He's bought the new iPod Video. I'm in shock. I spent the whole trip helping him download to iTunes and it was really fun. I think Macintosh might make the generation gap a little smaller. Anyway, if only Mac could see what I'm writing....nice things..., but I think they're starting to suspect my motives and my break is almost done with. I don't know why I'm nervous to move everything from my good ol' Dell over to an ibook. If my grandpa can do can I. *stacy