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Got Podcasts?

So, I've finally succumbed to the trend and have bought myself an iPod. A pink iPod mini, it's certain to become my favorite fashion accessory. Stylish, sleek, one word perfect! BTW, an iPod is just one version of a digital audio player (no discrimination against the other guys out there). Why wait so long to jump on the iPod bandwagon? Besides feeling left out of some special club when surrounded by hordes of iPoders, this thing called podcasts has intrigued me enough to jump on. A podcast is an audio recording posted online and can be played with any digital audio player or computer with audio-playing software. It's just like a radio talk show. iTunes 4.9, Apple's free software, allows anyone with a digital music player to get access to the more than 7,000 podcasts currently available online for download. Even cooler, you can make your own podcast, which Apple will upload to their directory for free. For more info, check out Apple's website at

Chic Insider: What You Need to Know Now

Did you know there's a town in Kentucky called Monkey's Eyebrow? Or that in Dedham, Mass, you can visit the MOBA: Museum of Bad Art? And that Cedar Springs, Michigan is the red flannel capital of the world? Neither did I until I ran into while cruising the web. No doubt about it, Infoplease is the Information Superhighway at its best. There is an Almanac, Encyclopedia, Atlas, Dictionary and Thesaurus. There's information on topics in a variety of categories including International News, History, Government, Culture and Health. The site has a Homework Center, Word Quiz, and a Daily Biography and there's even a College Center with a scholarship search engine. I used Infoplease to research CEOs and was surprised to learn that the CEO of eBay is a woman. Meg Whitman originally planned on a career in medicine, but instead majored in business studies at Princeton and earned her MBA at Harvard Business School. She is currently ranked third on Fortune's Most Powerful Women list. For more profiles on women CEOs, click here to read the article.

Attention Future Dorm Dwellers:

If you're starting college this fall, chances are you'll have an R.A., maybe you'll even become an R.A. I was an R.A. for two years and I loved it. What's an R.A. you ask? Res·i·dent As·sis·tant noun: Someone who unlocks your room when you lock yourself out...again, chases after gorilla suit-dressed boys who throw water balloons at you (true story) and sneaks you onto the roof with her master key to watch a meteor shower (did I do that?). They can help you learn how to balance your time between studying and partying (I was real good at that), they will listen to you complain for hours and hours about how your roommate doesn't respect your time, and some will even make you a lunch, pick out your outfit, put your backpack on you and walk you to your first class. In short, an R.A. is someone who puts up with a lot so you'd better love them. If any of that sounded appealing (I don't know why it wouldn't), you should apply at your university's housing office. It will save you money on rent and with responsibilities like conducting weekly staff meetings, supervising safety inspections and coordinating training sessions, the position of R.A. looks good on a resume. Stressed out about being an R.A.? Make sure to check out for resources like ice-breaker ideas, Ask the Experts advice columns and suggested team-building activities.

Has This Ever Happened to You?

*Sometimes it's hard to be an intern or short-term employee at a company.* All you want is some work experience and to stay busy. Your goal is not to annoy anyone but to make the office run as smoothly as possible. But it seems that even with these good intentions in mind, something happens, someone gets annoyed and you can't seem to figure out what you did wrong. *_Don't worry. You're not alone_*

Consolidate Your Loans Before July 1!

I'm not advocating one company over another, but I received this email today reminding me to consolidate my school loans before July 1 in order to lock in low rates. After July 1, the rates will rise, costing you thousands of dollars if you don't consolidate now. Don't worry if you're still in school. This company and others will allow you to defer payments until after you graduate. Here is the message below, and may help some of you consolidate before it's too late. Good luck!! "A costly deadline awaits if you have unconsolidated student loans: an interest rate increase of as much as 65%. If you've waited this long you may also face an additional challenge: processing delays with mailed loan applications that may result in you missing the July 1 deadline. You don't want to risk missing out on rates as low as 1.625%* for new graduates. The difference in your student loan payments will result in thousands of extra dollars that you wouldn't have to pay if you consolidate now. To help to ensure you qualify for the current interest rates we have made it possible for you to download an application and fax it to us so that we have your signed application before July 1. Please Note: If all of your loans are held by a single FFELP Lender or your total loan balance is less than $7,500 you must contact your current lender for consolidation. We will not be able to consolidate your loans. To Apply Simply: 1.) For Complete instructions go to for an application. 2.) Fax that application to 866-630-2925 by midnight in your time zone June 30th. 3.) Mail the original copy of your fax to: 402 W. Broadway St. Suite 770 San Diego, CA 92101 You will receive additional information from us confirming your eligibility. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a Loan Counselor please call 888-868-1391. Sincerely, Mike O'Brien CEO |"

Contest Winners!!!

Okay was a long time coming! The "University Chic loves Philly" contest winners are... Drum-roll please! Yumi Cho, UPenn - winner of a free entree and appetizer to Mad-4-Mex Michelle, UPenn - winner of a Douglas gift cosmetic basket Sarah Stein, UPenn - winner of a free dinner for two to Cuba Libre Congratulations!!!


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