Campus Life

Trend Report: Stackable Rings

Layer your rings the way you layer your fall clothing with stackable ring sets!

Trend Report: Texting Gloves

Can you hear me now? Texting gloves are THE hot new accessory of the season! (Just don't leave your hands out in the cold.)

Would You Major in Fat Studies?

Is studying the impact of obesity on society worthy enough to warrant it's own field of future academics?

Google Launches Mapping Tool for Mid-Term Elections

Google's making it easier for you to cast your vote today.

Most Haunted College Campuses Around the Country

Sure, going to college can be trippy sometimes, but add a few ghosts and ghouls into the mix and suddenly that Econ mid-term you've been stressing about doesn't seem so bad after all...

University of Michigan Student Body President Faces Cyber-Bullying, Gay-Bashing Campaign by Michigan Assistant Attorney General

How would you react if someone started an online smear campaign against you and stalked you and your friends? Would it make a difference if you were gay and the person in question was the assistant attorney general of your state?

College Trivia: Day 17 Answer

UCLA might not have appreciated his super(hero) star powers, but NYU and Columbia sure do!

College Trivia Month: Day 16 Answer

Why is this star not like the others?  Check out today's college trivia answer to find out!

Trend Report: Fall Ponchos

Desperate to find the perfect coat or sweater that can transition you from fall to winter? Look no further than this season's hottest outerwear: The poncho.

College Trivia Month: Day 15 Answer

Double the star power, double the paparazzi exposure. Let's explore today's college trivia answer!