Campus Life

Stop Downloading Music Illegally or Your School Could Go Broke


To the millions of people doing it every year, stealing music off the Internet seems innocuous enough; after all, downloading music illegally is a victimless crime, right? WRONG. In reality, you may be hurting yourself.

College Trivia Month: Day 10


Calling all college football fans! Do you know the answer to today's trivia question?

The Drop Zone – How to Know When to Drop A Class


It’s bound to happen to everyone- you register for a class with a really difficult professor,  you take on too many hours and fall behind, you fail the first test, or you’re just generally overwhelmed with school. It’s times like these when many college students panic and end up dropping a class for fear of a damaged GPA or on the phone with their mom or dad (trust me, even I’ve been there). While dropping a class might seem like the end of the world at first, sometimes it can be the best  (not to mention smartest) option. Just consider these important factors first. 

College Trivia Month: Day 9


This softball player has an "Olympic" size following...

College Trivia Month: Day 8


Are you obsessed with all things Glee? If so, you might find today's college trivia question a bit too easy...

College Trivia Month: Day 7 Answer


Coach Bryant was a winner, but he also had a killer sense of style. Can you name his trademark fashion accessory?

College Trivia Month: Day 4 Answer

Julia Roberts is the famous student who was supposed to be a Vet after her training at this University (click to see the answer to Day 4 of College Trivia). 

College Trivia Month: Day 3

More trivia questions for the chic college student – dealing with historical facts and figures relating to women's basketball. 

College Trivia Month: Day 1 Answer

The first question in our college trivia month relating to a famous actor and his fraternal allegiances. 

The Dumbing Down of American High School Students


"Do you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" Sure, it's funny when Brittany, the dumb blond cheerleader on Glee makes ridiculous statements -- it's quite another thing when it becomes apparent that she's not exactly unique. As a matter of fact, it's kind of scary how many not-so-smart kids are out that are graduating and joining you in college in the very near future.