Campus Life

Trend Report: Red Hot Lips

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman’s make-up must only emphasize one part of her face: eyes or lips, never both. So with the summer heat kicking up a notch, why not beat the eye make-up melt and focus on red hot lips for a change? 

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New Twilight Book Available for Free Online

Ready to sink your teeth into Stephanie Meyer's new book? Find out how you can save your pennies and read it for free!

Trend Report: Skinny Mini Skirts

Who wears short-shorts? Nobody if they're trendy! This season, mini skirts are the way to go if yu want to show off your summer tan and still look stunning.

Summer School: Celebrity Classes 101

Sick of studying classic literature and chemistry formulas? Check out two hot new celebrity offerings just in time for summer!

Trend Report: Game Face Performance Sunscreen

Show your school spirit while protecting skin with this cool new college-branded product!

Ramen Noodles: A health risk?

Ramen noodles - the loves of every college student's life. Apparently, though, there's a greater risk than just feeling gross after eating our all time favorite snack. A recent article on MainStreet, by Althea Chang reveals the findings of a recent study showing that ramen noodle consumption may lead to chronic illness.

Trend Report: Hot Indian Accents

Slumdog Millionaire may have been the hot movie of 2008, but Indian inspirations are still making an impact on summer style in 2010. From dhoti pants to colorful scarves, here’s how to inject rich Indian accents into your warm weather looks!

Trend Report: Studded Sandals

Give your feet an added edge this summer with these rock n' roll kicks!

Trend Report: Lucite Jewelry

Check out the latest jewelry trend that's guaranteed to add a lil' sparkle and shine to your summer wardrobe!