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College Fashionista Week 4 Winners

The final week 4 winners have been picked and we're just minutes away from announcing our ultimate college fashionista!

Where The Boys Are: Making the Most of Your Memorial Day Staycation

Just because you're not going away for the holiday weekend, doesn't mean you have to fly solo.

Meet Our College Fashionistas! (Kristy Shaulis, University of Illinois)

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Bad Girls Club: Two National Sororities Face Scandal, Suspension After Destroying Event Spaces

Puking. Pooping. Throwing up. No, it's not the flu - just a really bad case of proving the sorority stereotype.

Auburn University College Fashionista Holds Lead for Week 3

Talk about Southern Pride! With only one week left to go, Auburn University fans seem determined to make sure THEIR college fashionista wins big.

Congratulations to College Fashionista Week 3 Winners!

With only one week to spare, check out and see if your vote earned you a sweet prize!

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The latest see-thru fashions make layering a summer must!

Meet Our College Fashionistas! (Becky Hesse, University of Washington)

Can this freshman overachiever take home the gold (er, and the purple)? Find out more about this week's hot college fashionista!

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Sweet and easy, this season's sundress make looking pretty a snap!