Campus Life

College Women and the Victimization Label

There is a very fine line between what is and is not considered to be rape.


The Last Word: Romeo, Where Tweet Thou?

Romeo and Juliet is being performed--in real time, in real live Britain, by real live people-- on Twitter. It will take 5 weeks, 4,000 tweets and tons of followers to make it work-- are you going to tweet it?

Are You Ready to Battle it Out?

We're making a big announcement on Wednesday that could mean a trip to NYC for one lucky girl...

New Study Shows Sharing With Sibs, Less Parental Involvement Make For Better Family Dynamics

Spend all your high school years duking it out with your brother or sister? A new study out of the University of Missouri indicates the better you bonded with your fam, the better off you are in the future.

Trend Report: Flirty Bows

Make your look pop this spring with the addition of big beautiful bows!

Major Publisher Responds to Unpaid Interns Crackdown

We told you yesterday how the Feds were going to start pressing charges against companies who implemented unpaid college internship programs as a means of slave labor. Well, today (shockingly) the first company to come out publicly is none other than one from the publishing community (typically the worst offenders of all).

Atlantic Media (home of both the The Atlantic and The Journal) has announced plans to not only pay their CURRENT interns but to also past interns as well.

Facebook: Killing Your Future Job Prospects One Post at a Time

New research continues to demonstrate you social media activities can be the career kiss of death.

The Last Word: College Internships

The unpaid college internships that seem to be the golden ticket to a job interview may just be illegal. A senior college student takes a look at how else she could get a job without these and offers an opinion on the whole system.

Is Your Unpaid Internship Illegal?

Have you done an internship in college? Many college students have, in fact many programs require at least one for "college credit" before graduation, but did you know that certain unpaid circumstances make this situation illegal by Federal and State standards? Read on to learn more.

Same Sex Colleges: Should They Go Coed?

With the recession forcing many colleges to look for alternative means to increase revenue, the days of all-girl schools may soon be over and out.