Campus Life

Ole Miss Students Rally for “Return of the Jedi” Mascot

A long time a galaxy far away...the battle over a famous mascot began.

White House Filled with “Glee” Over Easter Visit

Season 2 doesn't start until April, but the cast of Glee is ready to celebrate.

Trend Report: Spring’s Hottest Swimsuit Styles

Check out this season's best picks for beachin' it with your girlfriends!

The Last Word: Is Wheat Your Enemy?

Being as health conscious (or obsessed) as I am, I've always tried to eat low-fat and whole grain based foods. As of this weekend, I found out that I've basically been poisoning myself for...awhile. I'm a celiac, or at least have a gluten-intolerance. Read on to see if maybe, just maybe, wheat is your enemy too.

Tips for Picking Out Your First Apartment

It’s finally here! Your final days in the dorms are coming to an end and you’re only a matter of months from moving away from your evil RA. You’ve got your roommates picked out and you are now ready to go apartment hunting.

UC San Diego Fraternities Under Fire for Racist Barbecue

Racial tensions reach a fever pitch as students and community leaders in San Diego wage a war of words over one frat's idea of a good time.

Book Review: The Last Song

Is Nicholas Sparks' latest tear-jerker a total cheesefest? Our book reviewer says suspend your judgement until you buy the book or see it on the big screen.

Previously, on LOST: Season 6, Episode 4

To be honest, I'm starting to get a little bored with the whole alternate universe thing. Because honestly? It feels like reading scattered, meandering fanfiction. Yes, there was a time in my life where I read fanfiction.

Trend Report: Romper Room

One-piece rompers and jumpers are all the rage this spring, making picking out the perfect out the perfect outfit a stress-free experience!

Top 10 Spring Break Destinations for 2010

Still working out the details on where you're going for Spring Break? Here's a quick list of the top spots.