Campus Life

American Idol: Down to the Top 24

American Idol is slowly working it's way down to the top 24, to the desparate pleas, cries and speeches of those who are not within that magical group. Ellen DeGeneres seems to have found her groove and Simon is still as prickly as ever.

The Last Word: Valentine’s Day, the movie

Is Valentine's Day, the movie, worth the $11 ticket? I think it is, even if the holiday is over!

Trend Report: “Jersey Shore” Style

Ok, fake baking and acid washed jeans might not work for everyone, but our trend reporter has managed to find a way to bring the best fashion elements from the Jersey Shore to your closet.

Trend Report: Space-Age Beauty

Problem acne? Unwanted hair? These at-home beauty products might be just what you're looking for...if you're willing to spend big bucks to avoid a doctor's visit.

3 Dead, 3 Injured, Following Shooting at the University of Alabama-Hunstville

A woman is being held in custody following a campus shooting at one of Alabama's largest colleges.

The Vampire Diaries: Fool Me Once

The Vampire Diaries returned last night with a new twist in the exciting saga– more vampires to disturb the peace in Mystic Falls and this time they are looking for more than blood; they're looking for revenge.

The Last Word: The Key to Dieting AND Having a Good Time!

For this week's Column I decided to choose a subject that's near and dear to my heart–Dieting. In honor of heart disease awareness month, the fact that spring break is a few short weeks away, that summer's quickly approaching and the general desire to be a knock-out, I went searching for a new diet book and instead found a new lifestyle: UrbanSkinny.

John Mayer Pulls a Kayne; Apologizes Over Playboy Interview

The crown prince of white boy blues and Twitter updates is forced to tweet an apology following comments many have deemed racist and sexist.

American Idol: Hollywood Week 1

Finally back for it's 9th season, American Idol began it's season last night in Hollywood with new judge Ellen DeGeneres and 181 contestants who had won the golden tickets.