Campus Life

Trend Report: Online Book Rentals – Best Bang for Your Buck

Sick of spending tons of money on books that go out of print faster than you can buy them? Our trend reporter weighs the pros and cons of renting your way to a college degree.

13-Year-Old Quarterback Recruited by USC

A USC student offers her own take on the controversial news.

Trend Report: Tie-Dye

Of all the new trends to appear on the Spring 2010 runways last fall, the most fun and unexpected was tie-dye. Previously reserved for former hippies and future hippie-wannabes, this free-spirited print is on the verge of becoming the It trend for hippies and hipsters alike.

#Teens Don’t Tweet?

According to a survey by Pew Internet and American Life Project, teens and young adults simply aren't Tweeting as much as their 20-something counterparts. Which is news to me! This post tries to bring this information to you in a way that you understand it.

Chic Fashion Trend: 50’s Fever

A new trend has recently pulled itself out of your grandmother's closet and into college classrooms around the nation--it's a new craze and it's called the 50s! Twist and shake these oldies, but "goodies" right through your 8ams to get a little extra attention this semester.

Ambien: Music’s New Muse?

Forget weed or alcohol -- if Billboard 100 is any indication, music's hottest acts are spending their nights curled up with a bottle Ambien.

American Idol: You’re Going to Hollywood!

American Idol is (finally) finished prepping for Season 9 and Wednesday's episode was the last of the auditions. Now that the auditions are over and 50 contestants have their "golden ticket" the real drama begins. Check back every Wednesday for a review of the episodes, which air on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

The Vampire Diaries: Children of the Damned

A review of the most recent episode of The Vampire Diaries, Children of the Damned. It ties up a few lose ends and leaves some extra trails for the investigators to find the key to unlock the door.

Obama almost-controversy at Urban Outfitters

An editor at noticed something not just a bit disturbing on last week: a BDG henley tee-shirt on sale available in two different colors combos, “White/Charcoal” and “Obama/Black.” Wait, really?

JM kicks off new tour with a surprise stop at SC campus

Hundreds of University of South Carolina students were able to get a sneak peek of singer John Mayer’s upcoming tour during a surprise concert Tuesday night.