Campus Life

The Last Word: Restart Your Resolutions

I recently read that 2/2 is the new 1/1, and I couldn't agree more!! I'm pumped about the iPad and keeping my resolutions all year long! Check out this post and leave your comments about your hopes for 2010.

Previously, on Lost: Season 6, Episodes 1 and 2

Forget everything I said in my season five recap about John Locke being f***ing invincible. Because he's not - he's totally dead.

Hot From Our Blog: Donating Your Clothes to Haiti

Want make a difference but strapped for cash? We've got the goods on how you can help Haiti by donating the clothes off your back!

Women Who Lead: Marian Schembari

Last August, Marian Schembari took the old and tired ways of job applications and told them to, basically, shove it. You know those Facebook ads? The ones that pop up next to your Facebook page and somehow, magically, know that you are single or that you like to cook lasagna and text on your cell phone. Well, Marian bought one.

Previously, on LOST: Season Five Recap

There are really just two words you need to remember when it comes to Season Five of Lost - Time. Travel. And lots of it.

Trend Report: 50’s Fashions

Ready to take your closet on a trip back in time? This spring, flirty '50's styles are set to dominate everything from dresses to bathing suits.

Groundhog’s Day Debate: Should you be scared off by your shadow?

If you come out of your hole this groundhog's day to find your shadow waiting for you, just be straight with him.

Grammy “Fashion”!

The Grammy red carpet is truly unique, because it combines the highest with the lowest, the A-listers who will head to the Oscars in a few weeks with the reality stars who will probably head precisely nowhere once their 15 minutes are over. And the fashion: equally... unique.

FOX and Fans “Glee”ful About Upcoming Tour and Solo Projects

Three major awards and two gold albums later prove that the cast of "Glee" aren't the only ones with something to sing about.

Alleged Sorority Hazing at Rutgers University

Sorority recruitment is currently being organized at Universities around the nation, and hazing is often extensively discussed in these preparations as it is highly discouraged by the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. (NPHC). Unfortunately incidents do occur and recently occurred at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. This school has had many incidents in the past few years that allow us to pose the question: Is Rutgers a toxic emotional environment for College Women as these two situations would suggest?