Campus Life

Hispters and College Tech Geeks Force AT&T to Halt Online Sales of iPhones in NYC

Too many app-happy college students and 20-somethings inadvertantly make the Big Apple a dead zone for future iPhone users.

Flying the (Not So) Friendly Skies

Before you hop a plane back to school post-holiday, you might want to check out these new flight restrictions that are already being implemented following the Christmas attack on a Detroit-bound flight from Amsterdam.

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway Extended!

Enter and win everything in our 2009 Holiday Gift Guide!

Georgetown University makes (repeated) attempts at racial satire, fails

Is this an award winning student newspaper, or Comedy Central at 3 am?

Computer Science to Become Gender Neutral?

Is the "geeky" stereotype of computer science making women less likely to enter the field?

Car Apps? Ford’s Sync Interface is Following in Apple’s Footsteps

According to a Cars blog, Ford has recently taken an App out of Apple's book-- their new cars will feature mobile apps and be compatible with almost every type of interface, mobile phone, smart phone, and MP3 player around.

Top 5 Viral Videos of 2009 on Yahoo! and Youtube

As we get ready to countdown the New Year, there are some great videos that deserve a little attention. Both Youtube and Yahoo! have two lists of their Top 5 Viral videos for the year.

Trend Report: Best Beauty Gift Sets for $35 and Under

Help a friend glam it up this holiday season with these great beauty buys from some of your favorite brands!

Top Five Pick Up Lines of 2009 – “Imma let you finish, but…”

Being a single girl is like being a human target. A naked, pheromone ridden human target, surrounded by flashing neon signs.

Graduating on a Budget

So, I graduated from college last weekend. Yes, yes, I know. Hold your applause.