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Legends Poll: College Football Stats For the Week of November 22

The biggest college football coaches of all time are weighing in on this week's hottest match-ups. Track your team and see if your school made the their Top 10 list!

Adam Lambert – refreshingly dangerous entertainment

There's almost nothing I love more than a celeb-related scandal, and there's almost nothing I hate more than a blatant double standard. In the wake of American Idol alum Adam Lambert's much buzzed about performance at the American Music Awards last night, I've got the best of both worlds, all wrapped up in one sequined and provocative package.

Trend Report: Hot Zippered Looks For Your Next Night Out

Feminine and edgy, these zippered looks add a gritty, urban aesthetic to your next big night out.

Perfect Sequined Looks for Under $50!

Think you can't rock this season's trendy sequins? Of course you can... and for cheap too!

Colin Healy and the Jetskis Take on New Moon!

What better way to get the goods on the new Twilight sequel then to send our fave indie band out to interview the Twihards at the sold-out midnight showing?

The Vampire Diaries: The Turning Point

The latest installment of The Vampire Diaries has everyone wondering just where the turning point of this series is exactly. I for one am totally hooked on this engaging series and can't wait to watch the Marathon.

Hosting your first Thanksgiving…without going insane!

There’s no real need to use Thanksgiving as a test audition for “Top Chef.”

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Want to update your casual style before first frost? Beat the chill with one of these cute hoodies picked especially by our trend reporter!

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Want to make your eyes pop? Save your pennies (and your peepers) with these cheap chic beauty must-haves.

Coaches Wives Recipes: Turkey Casserole

Get your gobble-gobble on with this fast an easy recipe from Ellie Mallory!