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Gossip Girl Recap: Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins

Lady Gaga's performance of "Bad Romance" perfectly summed up an episode full of break-ups, romantic admissions, adultry, and illegal activities on the first date.

Rockin’ Lady Gaga’s Look in the Real World

Want to dress like a diva (minus the Kermit the Frog accessories)? It's time to find out how you can test-drive Lady Gaga's style for school and work.

Trend Report: Beauty Travelers You Can’t Live Without

Hitting the road for the holidays? Get a leg up on your beauty regimen with these travel-friendly essentials.

Beating the Homesick Blues

Don't think you can make it through another semester without having your friends and family close by? Learn how to cope without driving yourself crazy.


Author of Astrology Book Has the Answers

DIY: Iron-On Projects

Looking for an easy craft project this weekend? Peep these fun iron-on projects!

Trend Report: Hot Plaid Must-Haves

Lumberjack chic has never been more essential.

The Vampire Diaries: History Repeating

Episode 9 of The Vampire Diaries finally gave us insight into the deranged mind of Damon. We also learn a little bit more about Mystic Falls in the 1860s-- a part of history that might not be worth repeating.

Trend Report: The Best Body Sprays of the Season

Our trend reporter test drives the most "scent-sational" and budget-friendly sprays of Fall 2009.

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