Campus Life

Trend Report: Best Designer Looks for Less

So many cheap chic threads, so little time. Our trend reporter highlights the must-have budget-friendly fashion for Fall '09.

Gossip Girl Recap: Teen Queens and Hollywood Threesomes

The much-hyped threesome storyline proved to be a snooze compared to the trials and tribulations of Little J's big debut.

DIY: Twilight Style

Get a jump-start on your vamp fix with these cool DIY projects from Twihards just like you!

Vampire Diaries Recap: Best Friends ‘Til The End

Damon still sucks, Stefan actually smiles, and a new girl comes to town to shake things up.

A University of Arizona Fraternity’s Plot to Cover Up Crime Fails Due to Paper Trail

Crime doesn't pay -- especially when you're stupid enough to leave your homework behind as evidence.

Haters to the Left – let the Frog Princess reign

“The Princess and the Frog” marks Disney’s return to traditional, 2-D animation with a Broadway musical style format that, if the teaser trailer released last summer is any indication, is sure to please. That is, if the critics could stop being politically correct long enough to consider enjoying it.

kgb Offers Part-Time Telecommuting Gigs For College Students

Are you the queen of random facts and obscure pop culture references? kgb just might be the gig you've been waiting for.

Trend Report: The Ultimate Cheap Chic Flats

Can't manage to survive a whole day in heels? Check out our trend reporter's picks for the most affordable (not to mention cute!) flats.

Twilight Takes the Fashion World

A “New Moon” clothing line has hit the racks. The name? Twilight Saga: New Moon. The clothing line, which is created by Awake Inc., is inspired by the movie, the characters and the Edward/Jacob rivalry. It has been sold at Nordstrom through their junior BP collection since October 15.


Gossip Girl Recap: The Grandfather

Friendships officially implode as Gossip Girl gets darker and more nasty by the minute.