Campus Life

The Race Debate: Nothing a beer can’t solve…

The recent arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. has once again sparked the race debate in regards to the police force.

College Fashionista: Lily Allen Makes Us Smile

If the name “Lily Allen” does not conjure up images of high fashion and designer style, then take a second look: the fun-loving British pop star is the new face of fall’s Chanel handbag campaign and is about to launch her own jewelry line called Lily Allen.

Microsoft Offers Video Contest

Are you a amateur filmmaker? Microsoft wants to offer you the chance to win $2500!

H&M and Jimmy Choo Join Forces

The designer collaboration gods continue to shine down upon us. You’ve worn Alexander McQueen and Rogan care of Target, Roberto Cavalli and Matthew Williamson courtesy of H&M, Alexander Wang and Vena Cava at GAP, and if you’re lucky, maybe even Kate Moss for Topshop. But Jimmy Choo? That’s a name you probably never thought you’d hear.

UChic Pop Rocks: Oscar Plays to the Crowd

Oscar season may be far away, but the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has recently put the awards ceremony back in the headlines with some interesting and unexpected announcements. The number of Best Picture nominess will be doubled from five to ten, and young favorite actors such as Anne Hathaway, Paul Rudd and Michael Cera have been invited into the Academy as voting members. So what will this mean for the Oscars?

What I learned from: “The Proposal”

As a journalist with an interest in working in the publishing world, I found that I learned many important lessons from the movie “The Proposal.” One lesson, however, stands out the most.

What I Learned from: “The Bachelorette”

Here’s what I learned over the past couple weeks and years of watching “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” My specific learning will be the most recent, from this season of the show. I guess you could call this the list of morals of the story. Most of the time, these “morals” are very well hidden, but I have managed to find them just for you.


UChic Hot Topics: The end of an era


Everyone has their favorite Michael Jackson song. Mine has always and will always be P.Y.T.

At all my high school dances, “Thriller” was played at least one time. How amazing is it that a song released in 1982 is played at school dances decades later? Michael Jackson’s music is so powerful it has that effect on people.

His death in recent weeks shook the earth. Many took Michael’s music to heart and it was evident in the outpouring of emotions after his death was announced that the world cared for Michael.

Though the child prodigy’s life started spiraling downward, from molestation charges to facial surgeries, we all need to remember him in his prime- when he was a young man who taught us all to moonwalk.

I’m very sick of people being mean about his death. I unfortunately have even seen people react happily that he was dead. Yes, he was a troubled man and may or may not have molested children. Yes, he did look pretty frightening after all of his facial surgeries. And yes, he was definitely a little bit strange, but at the end of the day, everyone needs to remember: he was a human being.

Michael is human just like the rest of us. He was a father to three children, a son to his parents, a brother to his siblings and a friend to many. He was an extraordinary man from Gary, Indiana who connected us all together. To rejoice in the death of another human being is just wrong.

We may never again see a visionary like Michael among us. May he rest in peace.

College Fashionista: Romping the Summer Away

The irony of summer trends— or any trend, for that matter— is that if you wait just long enough into the season to discern what they are, you are almost always a bit too late to jump on the bandwagon and start shopping. Into July it’s pretty clear what the hottest styles are— but with stores transitioning to fall and your wallet already thinning, has the deadline passed to just begin browsing?

While I often fall victim to this same delay, this summer I avoided it months ago with a stroke of forethought, a summer light-bulb moment in the rainy depths of April: rompers.

UChic Career Quest: Saints of Networking

I recently attended a networking event in Los Angeles for future magazine editors. Seeing as I still don’t have a job, a month after returning from a press trip to Jordan and a little over a month out of college, I have literally nothing better to do than to sit around and apply for jobs and, of course, network the hell out of myself.

The event took place at a dubious looking bar in Culver City called “Saints and Sinners.” A fellow attendee noted its appearance, “When I drove up, I thought it was a strip club.” The place, however, turned out to be quite hip and popular among the LA crowd. Needless to say, everyone at the event fell into the category of “saints.” Kind, well-dressed, well-behaved, and most likely unemployed…saints. Sure, we were all drinking and talking ourselves up, but there was nothing sinful about it.