Campus Life

Saving Up to Splurge

Every college student knows it’s tough to balance their schedule, so who has time to think about balancing a budget? With all the activities and opportunities for new experiences popping up in and around college campuses it’s hard to know when and where to save money or even how. Luckily there are ways for every

Top 10 Apps for College Women

As our generation knows all too well, there is an app for everything. So many, in fact, that sometimes it’s nearly impossible to stay on top what’s going to get you going and what’s going to just sit inside your screen. Two of our tech-savvy Chicsters share the apps that they’re most pumped to put

Second Semester Students: Get in the Groove Right Away

By: Annique Jones, University of Colorado Boulder When you first arrive on your college campus you’re either expecting your experience to be just like what you saw on your favorite college girl movie or you’re secretly terrified and don’t know what to expect, but you’re playing the cool kid role in front of mom and

Beauty Basics: Avoiding Winter Washout

By Sarah Dougherty, University of Alabama Along with fun holidays and reunions with friends and family comes brisk winter weather, and we all know what that means: dry, pale skin. I’ve put together a few tips and tricks to avoid being washed out during one of the most fun-to-dress-for seasons! (Can you say “layers?”) Keep

College Dating Do’s and Dont’s for 2014

  By Anna Jonas: Dalhousie University Dating in college is different from any other time in your life. You’re always meeting new people and you have all the freedom you could ask for. However, it also comes with different expectations. Make 2014 your year to do relationships right! DON’T be afraid to speak up. No

Maintain Your Motivation for Second Semester

The second-half of the school year is approaching quickly for most Chicsters, whether you are in high school or college! It can be hard to get motivated right away, but with these steps, you’ll already be set up for success. Make a goal: It’s hard to be motivated if you have no idea where you

Small Steps, Big Changes: Creating Better Habits

  The fall semester has ended and we have finally in a  new year to grow, inspire those around you— especially to live your dreams! As 2014 provides us with the chance to start anew, here are a few tips in creating good habits for the new semester! Seize new opportunities. There are no handouts

Avoiding Mindless Spending Post-Holidays

January is here, and the  he holiday season is coming to a close and this means one thing: the malls are ready and willing to suck in all the college students who are home, bored, and just got an influx of holiday cash. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of mindless spending

Traveling Tips: Pack/Prep for Back to School

After your holiday break, it’s time to start the Spring semester and finish out the year! Having experienced four holiday breaks (Being a Senior is so upsetting!), I know a thing or two about packing for the new semester before you go back to school. So, how much is too much? What should you pack?

Transcending Holiday Stress

It’s that time of the year again! The holidays are quickly approaching and everyone is in a frenzy. You’re thinking of what to get your loved ones or what to bring to a family dinner and if it will burn a hole through your wallet. Now it’s time to stop stress and… Set a Shopping Budget.