University Chic Internship Twitter Chat Transcript

Missed University Chic's Twitter chat on internships? You're in luck! We've compiled answers from the chat so you can learn more about internships and advice from experts!

Preparing for Your Summer Internship

So you landed that dream internship and now you have nothing to wear! Here’s some advice to get you started on crafting the perfect wardrobe for your internship. Wardrobe/Internship Apparel: You always want to dress to impress. Key colors for office attire are: black, gray and white. But, it’s not bad to put a splash

Eight Tips to Help College Graduates Make Professional Connections – And Get Hired

Maribeth Kuzmeski, author of “The Connectors: how the World’s Most Successful Businesspeople Build Relationships and Win Clients for Life,” offers up some tips for new grads looking to make connections that will help them professionally for years to come. We’ve published several of them here and for more information you can check out her website

Volunteering: An Alternative to a Full-Time Job

No matter how organized or how high the GPA, there will inevitably be a point for many graduates this spring where they still aren’t completely sure of what lies ahead of them after May. So if you’re not already committed to your dream job, keep reading for a post-graduation option that could help out you– and your community. Volunteering, or as high school guidance counselors like to call it “community service” may not be the most lucrative choice for graduates, but it could result in big payoffs in later down the road.

Entry Level Employers in 2010, and Who Might Hire in 2011

While caps are thrown and the names are read at the 2011 Commencement ceremonies, the question of “Now what?” looms in the air as graduates face the intense job competition in the still-struggling economy. Here's a list of some of the notorious entry-level employers and if you haven't found your dream job in this list, don't fret! UChic will get you through!

Dating on the Job, A Do or a Don’t? You Decide

Dating on the job: It comes with so many questions, and definitely so many little answers. Can I let my co-workers know? Can I let my boss know? What if it is my boss? Can I have PDA in the office? And worst of all, what happens if we break up? Inter-work relationships can end

Four Ways to Turn an Intership into a Full-Time Job

Last summer, I interned at a company that will remain unnamed in New York City with a number of other college sophomores and juniors, and a couple recent graduates. However, one of our fellow interns was about five years our senior- she had graduated college years ago and had continued to hold over ten internships

Internship Make-Up Do’s and Don’ts

You’ve landed the fantastic internship and even shelled out some cash for nice button-downs and sensible heels. But on the morning of your very first day, you stand in front of the mirror and wonder: exactly how should I do my make-up for work? Here are a few tips on how to look pretty and

Five Ways to Survive Your First Day on the Job

It’s the first day of your internship and you are dressed in the outfit you picked out three weeks ago. Directions in one hand and a coffee in the other, you are ready to jump right in. As long as you follow directions and do the work assigned, you can be a good intern and

Six Ways to Pump Up Your Job and Internship Search

As a junior turned early senior, it seems that I rushed for nothing – there’s still no indication of where I’ll be headed on May 23 as the job market is taking it’s sweet time heading back to the pre-recession rates. In fact, according to a recent article in, about three times more workers