Social Media and the Job Search: There’s an App for That

Forget Linkedin - this app is ready to connect you to cool companies like MTV and Fandango via your Facebook profile.

U Chic on HuffPo: Can Location Really Make or Break Your College Experience AND Your Future Career?

Still struggling over which school you should apply to? In our latest HuffPo article, we're discussing the importance of location, location, location.

How to Beat the Job Search Blues (On the Cheap!)

College is supposed to be the best time of our lives, right? But the number one complaint out of all students lips is how much it costs. Registration, books, and living fees all add up, but we still have to find a little bit of room for fun too. If we lived in a big-time

College Internships: The New Entry-Level Job

Think an unpaid internship isn’t worth your time? Think again. New stats suggests that your chances of snagging a job right after college are getting harder and harder, and for those that DO manage to it’s because of their extensive internship experience. According to, full-time jobs for 18-to-29-year-olds have dropped since 2006, and less

Best of…(Job Interview Essentials) Important Questions to Ask in a Multi-Person Job Interview

Question: I just had an interview at a company where I spoke to two different people. When it came time to the “do you have any questions for me” portion of the interview with the second person (the vice president of the company), I hesitated. I had already asked the first person, who would be

Best of…(Job Interview Essentials) Acing the Phone Interview

Question: How are phone interviews different from in-person interviews? Answer: It is 9:45 in the morning, you’re still in your pajamas, and the phone rings. It’s time for an interview. This seems normal, right? The fact is phone interviews are on the rise. Why? Quite simply, it is inexpensive, and it’s an easy way for

Best of…(Internship Basics) Making Your Resume Stand Out

Question: I’m applying for my first ever internship with a major publishing company, but I have no related work experience yet, and my only previous jobs have been retail. How do I write a resume that stands out? Answer: This is a great question and certainly one that plagues many college students. I hear comments

Email Etiquette Advice for Your Work or Internship

This summer I’ve been interning at a company back home in South Florida since the beginning of June. The internship ends three days before my first day of classes at UNC-Chapel Hill. That is (obviously) a tight time frame to make a 12 hour drive up, move my belongings out of my storage unit in

Summer Jobs for College Students: Hard to find?

With the recession--and students' unemployment rates over 20 percent--it may be hard to find that summer job. What can you do? Don't get discouraged-- get surfing! Surfing the Web that is.

How to Snag a Great Written Recommendation

In a world where jobs and internships are hard to come by, even the lowest coffee-fetching positions are becoming more and more competitive. And while a resume and previous experience is extremely important, having a great recommendation letter can often make or break your future career aspirations. Here are a few tips to help you