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Your Hangover Beauty Kit

Stock up on these basic party repair must-haves.

Project Runway Season 6 Premiere!

Twittering the Project Runway Season 6 premiere... and sizing up the competition. Watch Project Runway on Thursday nights at 10/9 c, now on Lifetime!

Perez Hilton’s New Fashion Source

Perez Hilton does fashion! Check out the latest fashion news at!

Project Runway Winner Christian Sirirano for Victoria’s Secret Make-Up

Project Runway may have taken an extended vacation, but one alum has been busy, busy, busy: Christian Siriano just added "make-up designer" to his resume with a new make-up line for Victoria's Secret.

Save on Tuition— Just Dress Like an Ivyleaguer

Your boyfriend may not go to an Ivy League school… but now he can dress like he does! Harvard University is getting into the fashion business by teaming with manufacturer Wearwolf Group for a namesake clothing line, licensing its name and its iconic character.

Fall Fashion’s Key Pieces

It’s not news that the best fashion advice these days is “Shop your closet”— work with what you already have. But with a new season just around the corner, every girl’s wardrobe could use a little spicing up. Here we bring you fall’s key pieces… both high-priced versions to ogle and looks you can afford!

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Swimsuit Picks for Summer 2008

Whether you have fair skin or have been tanning year-round, whether you love your thighs or have been on a diet since December, and whether you are ready or not, Summer 2008 has officially begun. With summer comes lounging by the pool and getting your tan on at the beach, and for those fabulous activities,

Glimpse of Gorgeous: What’s Your Signature Piece?

For Linus, it was his blanket, and in The Devil Wears Prada (the book) it was a white silk Hermès scarf for Miranda Priestly. At Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld incorporates white camellias and quilted bags into each collection, and for Coco Chanel, it all started with the little black dress. There are thousands, maybe even a

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Long dresses, short dresses and patterns, oh my!

Dresses; women have been wearing dresses since the beginning of time. First they were made of leaves, and then came the cave collection made out of bearskins and buffalo, perhaps there was a dinosaur trend in dresses for awhile… There has been hoop dresses and corset dresses, and dresses with poofy sleeves, and sequined dresses,

Glimpse of Gorgeous: My Love Affair with Urban Decay

It all started when we got a Sephora in my hometown. Last time I visited my mom, I had shopping money, gas money, food money, and Sephora money. When I walk into that glorious store, I can hear the angels singing, welcoming me home. Much like Tiffany’s and Target, I am convinced that nothing bad