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Get Inspired: Inspired Styles For Spring

March is here and as we prepare for warm and fresh days of spring sometimes we feel the need to jazz it up a bit. Experimenting with new hairstyles or trends is the best way to feel new and inspired. And as promised last week here are some top fashion/beauty sites to visit for 2008.

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Bags, Bags, Bags!

Being a handbag is probably the most difficult accessory job. Jewelry and hats just sit in one place all day long, their only job is to look pretty, while the handbag is swung around carrying heavy cargo such as cell phones, lip glosses, and if you’re my purse, textbooks, extra pairs of shoes, Mini Coopers…etc.

Glimpse of Gorgeous: The Lauren Conrad Collection

Even back in the Laguna Beach days, I knew we could be friends. Lauren “LC” Conrad had a certain poise that her other female counterparts did not possess. We still saw her as vulnerable and I’m not going to lie, after she came home from San Francisco, I thought that was the end, but she

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Confessions of a Compulsive Hair-Dyer

About three weeks ago I was wandering aimlessly around Target with my friend, Natalie when we stumbled upon a little thing called the hair care aisle. I had originally wandered down this aisle in search of a new headband, but we ended up on the other side—the hair-color section. Natalie picked up a box and

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Spring Preview (Part III)

I’ve recently been on this match-my-make-up-to-my-clothes kick, and somehow, I have fallen in love with rich tones of purple, which really bring out my dark green eyes. Purple happens to go with most of the fall/winter colors, but as I look into the crystal ball of spring fashion (aka Elle Magazine), I can see that

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Spring Preview (Part II)

Do you remember when you were 5 and your mom used to dress you up in massive amounts of floral prints? I mean we are talking pansies, daisies, roses, and sunflowers in bright 80’s (early 90’s) colors, and dresses covered in garden vomit. Of course there were white tights (pink if you were lucky) and

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Spring Preview (Part I)

Tonight they are predicting snow, sleet, and lots of obnoxious winter weather here in Blacksburg. I am sitting, cuddled up in my favorite purple quilt, praying that classes will be cancelled. Days like this give you things to look forward to like not having to defrost your car, vacationing somewhere tropical and shopping for spring!

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Small Screen Fashion

Can you believe that it has been 10 whole years since the premiere of Sex and the City? An entire decade has passed since Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda changed the world’s ideals on sex, being single, and high fashion. Ten years ago, the average person did not know Marc Jacobs,or Manolo Blahnik. However, SITC

Unleashing the Inner Fashionista: Transforming College Casual to Simply Chic

Let’s face it, Virginia Tech isn’t really known for being a fashion-forward university. I’m strictly here for educational purposes. It seems like the longer you’re a VT student (known as Hokies), the more orange and maroon start to seem to actually match. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they keep up with the seasons: we’ve

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Semi-Annual Sale Anyone?

I love clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories. I love shopping at the MAC Counter and buying incessant amounts of hair products, but I absolutely adore underwear and I am simply crazy about Victoria’s Secret. My alarm is set for 7:30 a.m on January 3, 2008. The doors open at 8 a.m. and my friend, Priscilla