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Should Fashion Matter in Politics?

There's an article in the New York Times called "Speaking Chic to Power" (a UChic shoutout, perhaps?) about all the fuss being made over Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's clothing choices.

Basically, the article says that Pelosi is impressing her peers and the media for her stylish pantsuits and Tahitian pearls, and her style is influencing others on Capitol Hill. It seems like she's the Nicole Kidman of Washington D.C.!

Which is all well and good, by why do people care so much about what Pelosi wears? She's not in a career where the focus is on her looks, but her political opinions and policies. And yet even the New York Times is covering her style like she's walking the red carpet. I don't think anyone ever cares that much about what George W. Bush or Dick Cheney wear.

What do you think? Is it okay for the media to obsess over Pelosi's appearance?

Stylish Ways to Stave Off the Winter Blues

Feeling drab because of the chilly weather? UChic's Erica Strauss suggests fun and creative ways to experiment with your appearance.

Style Wednesday: Letting Them Sweat You

 It's true that a woman looks sophisticated and stunning in an evening gown or a fitted business suit, but we have our comfy needs too. In fact, most of my male friends will testify that there's nothing cuter than a girl in sweats.

"There's something sexy about a woman who can wear sweats with the same confident swagger as a supermodel," one of my guy friends once said to me.

They're comfortable, cute, and instill an air of innocence, so why not let your grown woman persona take a day off once in a while...or maybe more than once in a while (on my campus, sweatpants are the uniform for morning classes). Check out Victoria's Secret's "Pink" line of loungewear that combines comfort with oh so cute! Victoria’s Secret

Style Wednesday: Staying Warm While Still Looking Hot

When the temperature is on a bitter descent in the dead of winter, looking like a bombshell has to be seriously contemplated since minimal clothing just won't cut it. Concentrate on sexy layers, sassy boots and most importantly, a jacket you can still feel like a woman in.

Style Wednesday: 80's Fashion…When It Reigns, It Pours

 Now that pencil-leg jeans are all the rage, it seems as if the severe 80’s style nostalgia of 2006 may possibly spill into the New Year. Is it simply the normal fashion cycles that repeat every few decades or is it finally some justice for ladies who lack that voluptuous shape that’s in high demand these days?

Style Wednesday: Santa's Got a New Kind of Elf

 The holidays are dangerously close. You’ve splurged on thoughtful gifts for family and friends (and maybe even yourself) so funds are dwindling. There’s no need to let this keep you from looking like a million bucks! If you’re playing Santa Clause this year, drop just a few dollars and let a little e.l.f. add some fresh treats to your makeup box.

Style Wednesday: Her Milkshake Brings All The Boys To… McDonalds?

 Kelis, a Grammy nominated artist, will be promoting McDonalds' Archcard in an interesting way.

She'll be wearing a dress made out of them.

Afterwards, the dress will be put up for auction, proceeds going to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Charities.

The dress will be designed by the winner of Project Runaway's first reason, Jay McCarroll.

Want to read more on this offbeat, fashion news? Check out the full article .

Style Wednesday: The Real Fashion Police

 The fashion police. It's a phrase many of us have used at one point or another, explaining how they should come to the aid of a friend or acquaintance. Perhaps your buddy is dressing too much like a spinster, or her outfits are always horrifically mismatched.

However these fashion police in Pennsylvania aren't what you'd think.

Selling t-shirts with slogans like "Not In My Town, Scumbag!" the police in Upper Darby are trying to counter the recent trends of pro-drug shirts that have lines like "Stop Snitchin'" written on them.

Want to read up some more on these real life fashion police? Take a look at this article, and watch the video!

Upper Darby Authorities Become "Fashion Police"

Style Wednesday: Beatles Daughter Blasts Furs

 Stella McCartney, daughter of the famous Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles, recently lashed out at the fashion industry for their use of furs.

A fashion designer herself, Stella finds herself angry at fellow designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier who continue to use real fur on their catwalks. Apparently many people believe that the fur trim on jackets is fake, when the truth is, a lot of it is real.

The statistics are quite shocking. Fur sales have hit 500 million dollars for the first time ever, an increase of over 30%.

What do you think of wearing furs? Let us know!

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Style Wednesday: Out Shopping? Hold On To Your Purse!

 If you live in a major city, you're no stranger to protecting your belongings while walking through a crowded store, down a busy sidewalk, or even at a party. Keeping an eye on that purse and/or bag is a must! Your cell phone, wallet, IDs, credit cards, keys... so much of what is essentially YOU is inside.

And hey, if the president's daughter can have her purse snatched, so can you.

Despite being surrounded by secret service agents President Bush's daughter had her purse stolen while enjoying an evening out at a Buenos Aires restaurant.

Thanksgiving weekend is drawing closer, so while you're out during the busiest shopping weekend, keep your eyes open and your belongings close.