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Friday Favorite: Perfect Party Dress

Need something to spice up your weekend wardrobe? Are you looking to stand out and make an impression? Each Friday, University Chic's Maddie Greene will give you the insight to this week's must-have weekend item.

Fashion Trends: Top 5 Winter Collegiate Looks

If you're sick of wearing jeans and UGG, check out the items Blogger Amanda Ferrara has suggested to spice up your wardrobe as we head into the dreary months of winter!

Avoiding Black Friday: The College Woman’s Shopping Alternative

Sick of the mall already and it's not even December yet? Fear not, there are other options out there for you, if you want to take them. Blogger Rachael Smith gives you the rundown.

Friday Favorite: Scoop Neck Sweater

Looking for a way to add some glam to your outfits during the chilly fall days and nights? UChic's Maddie Greene has an idea to spice up your wardrobe.

College Halloween Costume Ideas That are Classy, Not Trashy

Like it or not, Halloween is quickly approaching. Haven't decided on a costume yet? No worries, University Chic has got you covered with some costume ideas that will catch eyes without risking your reputation.

Trend Report: OkCupid Dating Site, Is it for You?

Social networking is on the rise, and more and more people these days are using it to seek relationship advice… or even relationships. Here's a quick review of one of the cheapest sites on the block - OKCupid.

A Windy Transition: Fall Scarves

It's finally that time of year -- indoor scarf season! Throw a scarf over a cardigan and jeans for a chic look all day long, or throw one in your bag for those chilly lecture halls, either way, you'll be fashion forward right through the fall.

Trend Report: Spice Up Your Space With Photos

Looking for a way to spruce up your dorm room or apartment without too much effort or money? Using photographs is a great way to do this!

Trend Report: Rainbows Sandals

Looking for a fun, summer treat while the summer still lasts? Check out Rainbow sandals -- they can be monogrammed and last forever, according to our U Chic expert. 

Five Fashion Trends for the Summer

Spring has sprung, meaning summer can’t be far behind. Here the fashion trends for summer we can’t wait to snap up in stores!