Fashion & Beauty

Trend Report: High-Waisted Skirts

There are so many fabrics with these skirts: chiffon, silk, cotton, etc. No matter when and where, a high-waisted skirt can always be an option!

Wet Seal Can’t Spell and Forever 21 is Shady

Stop the shopping insanity! Find out why two more stores have joined our "banned from buying" list.

Mission Impossible? Operation Beautiful Sets Out to Undo Low Self-Esteem in College Women

Facing some "weighty" issues recently? Learn more about a growing movement to end negative body image and increase self esteem.

Getting Slap Happy with a ’90’s Throwback: SLAP Watches

Unlike some other unfortuate Nineties trends, slap bracelets are back... in the form of awesome SLAP Watches.

Jeggings: The It Jean

Breaking news: jeggings are awesome. Whether it's comfort, style, or trendiness you're after, focus your fashion cravings on these stretch-tastic jegging styles.

Beauty Review: Trader Joe’s Balanced Moisturizing Nourish Spa Shampoo and Conditioner

Looking for the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your hair AND your wallet? Trader Joe's has got you covered!

Best of…(Student Body) The Truth About Hollywood and Body Image

Are you realistic about you really look like? Maybe it's time for you to defy the stigma and get comfortable with your TRUE body image.

Trend Report: Stackable Rings

Layer your rings the way you layer your fall clothing with stackable ring sets!

Trend Report: Texting Gloves

Can you hear me now? Texting gloves are THE hot new accessory of the season! (Just don't leave your hands out in the cold.)

Last Minute Halloween Decorations and Crafts

Hey ghouls! It's time to get your party on! Find out how you can create some spooky fun on the cheap AND with minimal effort.