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Indulge your “Gilty” Shopping Pleasures with Gilt Groupe

Wish you could hit up the latest samples sales but live miles from New York City? Well, lots has changed in the fashion world— now to shop samples sales, all you need is the Internet and Gilt Groupe.

Hotel Offers “Jersey Shore” Package for Fans

Have you always dreamed of channeling your inner guido? One hotel is banking on it.

Gossip Girl Recap: The Lady Vanishes

Blair and Chuck grow apart, while Nate and Serena feel the need to "share" their love with every major appliance in the kitchen.

MTV Bans Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” Video From Rotation

Prison and provocative prove to be too much for MTV following the release of Lady Gaga's latest music video.

Previously, on Lost: Season 6, Episode 7

FINALLY. The lack of Ben Linus in this season thus far has been criminal.

Previously, on Lost: Season 6, Episode 6

Which is more awkward: the fact that in the flash sideways for this episode, Sayid’s longtime love interest Nadia was married to his brother Omar, or the fact that marriage certificates aside, Sayid still showed up at their house with flowers for her?

Eclipse Trailer Sneak Peek

Ok everyone. Here we go again! Twilight Saga fans have the right to get excited. The Eclipse trailer snippet tease has been released by Summit Entertainment.

Madonna Brings Material Girl Style to Macy’s

On the surface, this most recent celeb collaboration makes even less sense than Mary Kate and Ashley for J.C. Penney: has Madonna ever even stepped foot in a Macy's?


“Harry Potter” Star to Perform Free at Brown University

Want to do some celebrity sight-seeing? Head on over to Brown this weekend and catch Emma Watson perform for free!

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