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Gossip Girl Recap: The Hurt Locket

Gossip Girl is FINALLY back, and with comes questions about Chuck's mom, Serena and Nate's new relationship, and Lil' J's secret drug-dealing ways.

Black Sororities and Fraternities Fume Over White Winners of Step Competition

When the all-white Zeta Tau Alpha sorority won the Sprite Step Off stepping competition (beating out to two black sororities in the process) many in the African American community cried cultural foul.

Previously, on LOST: Season 6, Episode 5

My apologies for the week lapse in recap posts, Lost fans. I was stabbed by Benjamin Linus and then my lifeless body was pushed into a fire by the Smoke Monster. True story. Well...okay, actually I was sick. Which is just as bad - worse when you consider the fact that I didn't get to wander the island and haunt people.

Not All Fashion Trends Were Created Equal

Fashion Alert: Chic doesn't equal starving yourself!

American Idol: A Positive Switch

American Idol brought the men to the stage last night and it was quite impressive. Big Mike is most definitely my favorite because I can definitely see him as the next American Idol. What do you think?

BFF Debate: Should You Go to the Same College as Your Best Friend?

You're joined at the hip, but should you both go to the same school? One of our college bloggers weighs in.

“Twilight” Cullen House Up for Sale

Die-hard Twilight fan? The Cullen's hot digs could be yours...if you've got a couple million floating around.

American Idol: Ladies Night

Oh yes it's ladies night, and I'm feeling right, oh what a night...Okay enough of that. Last night's episode of American Idol was dedicated to the Ladies and let's just say they came out LOUD AND PROUD!! I wonder what the men will have to bring to the table.

Ole Miss Students Rally for “Return of the Jedi” Mascot

A long time a galaxy far away...the battle over a famous mascot began.

Book Review: The Last Song

Is Nicholas Sparks' latest tear-jerker a total cheesefest? Our book reviewer says suspend your judgement until you buy the book or see it on the big screen.