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Celebrate in PINK and Support Breast Cancer!

Look great and give back with this brand-new tee to support breast cancer awareness.

Trend Report: Bib Necklaces

Dress up your favorite t-shirt and blue jean combo with this eye-catching addition to your jewelry box!

New Year, New Dude: Finding Love in 2010

This decade, I'm resolving to be a little more "southern belle," as a friend of mine likes to say, and get to know the guy a little before I get too serious with him - kind of like sticking your toe in first before you jump into the pool. Because I mean, you never know. Someone could have peed in it.

Winter Internship Fashion Basics

When the weather gets cold, all you want to do is curl up in sweatpants and a hoodie. But if you’re like me, you’ve got an internship to get to— and sweats and hoodies definitely don’t fit the office dress code. Here are some tips for your winter internship wardrobe… looking stylish, professional, and warm can be easier than you thought.

Google unveils competition for the iPhone

iPhone users beware: you might not have the newest, hippest phone on the market any longer. Google showed the world its answer to Apple’s iPhone by finally unveiling its Nexus One smartphone today during a press conference in California. Google Vice President Mario Queiroz said the phone has superior capabilities than current versions of smartphones, including the iPhone.

The Last Word

A new column about the life and times of Victoria, a 21 year old senior at Quinnipiac University. I'm just trying to finish college, get a job, and you know become a grown-up. Each Monday this column will focus on a new trend in the media, fashion or just things that affect myself and my peers. Have ideas? Connect with me to share!

Our 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

Want to turn over a new leaf in 2010? It's U Chic to the rescue with our helpful list of college-friendly resolutions.

President Obama Says Quit Being A Distracted Driver Already

Federal employees are banned from it. Chrysler employees can get fired for it. Now the Obama administration is pushing a full-out campaign to stop U.S. drivers from texting and talking on the phone while driving.

Meet Our Holiday Gift Guide Winners!

Find out if you're a winner!

Top TV Moments of 2009

This year was filled with plenty of crazy and unpredictable moments, but here's what I think makes the top five TV moments of 2009.