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The Perfect Cheap and Chic Homecoming Outfit!

Homecoming Weekend is here, which can only mean one thing. No, not football, silly— parties! But getting a killer outfit together for formals can get pricey. Luckily for you, we’ve broken down the perfect cheap and chic Homecoming ensemble: it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Halloween Costumes: Dos and Don’ts

No clue what to wear? Have no fear, ghouls and goblins - I have a few tricks (and treats) up my sleeve that can help turn the spookiest night of the year into a graveyard smash!

Domestic Violence: A College Student’s Perspective

Your boyfriend can’t love you and protect you one day while physically assaulting you the next.

Fall’s Must-Have Concert Tours

Grab your debit card and hit your local Ticketmaster or log on to LIVEnation. Our entertainment trend reporter is here with your must-have music acts for Fall 2009!

Top 7 Worst Twilight Product Tie-ins

Twihards will be taking another bite of the forbidden fruit when the next installation of the Twilight saga, New Moon, will come out next month (November 20). With this, of course, comes the inevitable – product tie-ins you can only dream about (or have nightmares about). At, we’ve rounded up our Worst Twilight Product Tie-in list!



The E-Book Race- B&N Nook and Kindle released

Catchy name, sleek design and low price, but will it measure up to the current contender? Barnes and Noble finally did it-- they've created an e-book to rival the Kindle, and just in time for Christmas!! How smart are they! Despite my sarcasm, I am really excited about this new e-book. It's called a Nook (like a reading nook, I guess? It's cute, I give them props!) and retails for $259.00 and can be pre-ordered. Amazon has also released a new edition of their Kindle-- complete with U.S. and International wireless, seems they are also sizing up the holiday competition. This Kindle retails for $279.00.

Beer Pong Causes Swine Flu Outbreak at NY School

A college in upstate New York is blaming a game of beer pong on the sudden spread of H1N1 across campus.

Gossip Girl Recap: Friends and Frenemies

Nothing is sacred when it comes to love and friendship.

Fall Beauty Buys for Under $10!

The temperature may be dipping, but don’t let the chill get you down: freshen up your beauty routine with these fun and easy additions to your make-up bag— all for less than $10!

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