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Hofstra Student Recants Rape Story

A Hofstra student has reportedly admitted to police that her rape allegations (which made headlines around the country) aren't true.

Ethical Shopping: Discrimination at Abercrombie & Fitch

When you go shopping, you pick a store based on a number of factors: does it have great sales? Are the clothes cute? One thought that probably never crosses your mind: is this store ethical? Such a question must be asked of the classic mall staple, Abercrombie & Fitch.

Gossip Girl Recap: White Lies and Runaway Socialites

You can take the kids out of the city for the summer, but you can't make stop scheming and scamming that makes for a typical "Gossip Girl" episode.

Book Review: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

We liked Mr. Darcy as a zombie-killer in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but this watery twist on one of our favorite Jane Austen classics could leave you waterlogged.

Thriller Sorority Row Stars Audrina Patridge, Rumer Willis and Carrie Fisher

With a relatively star-studded cast, Sorority Row, which came out today, looked to be quite the thriller. Though I am not a massive fan of being scared myself (I have a very serious fear of roller-coasters as well), the sorority twist was certainly intriguing. Having heard quite a bit about strange pledge-rituals, despite the hellenic attempt to be secretive, I knew it was not a PG business, but who knew pledge-week pranks could be deadly?

Anna Sui Brings Gossip Girl Fashion to Target

The stars literally aligned last night when designer Anna Sui, the fabulous cast of Gossip Girl and our all-time favorite store Target came together in a celebration of— what else?— fashion. The ever quirky Anna Sui is the latest designer to collaborate with Target, and the clothing line is directly Gossip Girl-inspired. Hitting stores and this Sunday, New York shoppers got a special preview at a pop-up shop in Soho that opened last night as part of the evening’s Fashion’s Night Out festivities!

Eco-Friendly DIY Projects

Recycle, reuse, and recreate your dorm space with these simple and easy DIY suggestions.

The Vampire Diaries: New Hit Series or Hit Copy-Cat?

There's a new Vamp in town--and he's torn between his instinct to kill and his fascination with the woman he loves. Sound familiar? Is Stefan Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries the new Edward Cullen, or is he simply a cheap knockoff of the real thing? You be the judge.

Music Review: Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint 3” Proves to be a Work in Progress

With his "big pimpin'" days behind him, Jay-Z attempts to add some futuristic soul to his ever-growing resume of tight beats and killer hooks.

How Does Your School Rank?

Ask not what colleges can do for you; ask what colleges can do for your country. Washington Monthly has a new (i.e. real world) way to rank U.S. colleges/universities. Read more to find out how their system differs from that of U.S. News & World Report...