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College Fashionista: Romping the Summer Away

The irony of summer trends— or any trend, for that matter— is that if you wait just long enough into the season to discern what they are, you are almost always a bit too late to jump on the bandwagon and start shopping. Into July it’s pretty clear what the hottest styles are— but with stores transitioning to fall and your wallet already thinning, has the deadline passed to just begin browsing?

While I often fall victim to this same delay, this summer I avoided it months ago with a stroke of forethought, a summer light-bulb moment in the rainy depths of April: rompers.

UChic Career Quest: Saints of Networking

I recently attended a networking event in Los Angeles for future magazine editors. Seeing as I still don’t have a job, a month after returning from a press trip to Jordan and a little over a month out of college, I have literally nothing better to do than to sit around and apply for jobs and, of course, network the hell out of myself.

The event took place at a dubious looking bar in Culver City called “Saints and Sinners.” A fellow attendee noted its appearance, “When I drove up, I thought it was a strip club.” The place, however, turned out to be quite hip and popular among the LA crowd. Needless to say, everyone at the event fell into the category of “saints.” Kind, well-dressed, well-behaved, and most likely unemployed…saints. Sure, we were all drinking and talking ourselves up, but there was nothing sinful about it.

UCHIC Hot Topics: Public official goes MIA


According to The State, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has been completely MIA since Thursday, leaving his security detail and family wondering where he is.

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An official reported that foul play is most definitely not involved and that the governor occasionally makes odd trips like this to work on legislation.

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I understand that being governor is a lot of work and a high stress level job, but it is not cool for any public offical to just peace out and basically go into hiding for no apparent reason.

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Who is running his office when he is gone? The Constitution says that would be lieutenant governor, but even the lieutenant governor says he has not been put in charge.

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What if some sort of disaster or tragedy happened? He wouldn’t be there to help the residents of his state to get through it because he is pretty much missing.

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Is it fair for the residents of South Carolina to have their public official missing, with his cell phone turned off in an unknown location? That’s not fair at all. Nobody else with a career can randomly decide to take off and cut off all communication with the outside world. Even our presidents can’t even do this. Someone has tabs on them at all times, even if they are in an undisclosed location.

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During this time of economic troubles and budget cuts, the people of South Carolina need their governor to be there working selflessly to help fix the problem. Somehow, I don’t think lying low during a time of great need is the best decision in the world.

-Information from The State

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Chick Flicks Get Some Testosterone

"Many of the movies that have debuted recently or will premiere this summer are romantic comedies whose protagonists, the ones with the emotional angst and the happy ending, are men: honest, vulnerable men. Or, you know, bumbling idiots."

Why Facebook and Players Don’t Mix

"A friend of mine met an Australian backpacker over Spring Break...It was typical textbook whirlwind romance and after the three additional days they spent strolling and laughing along the streets of her campus, they were throwing out words of praise and of affection to one another. Little did she know, that only a month of Facebook chats and fleeting Skyped “I miss you”s later, she wouldn’t be the only perfect, beautiful girl in his life."

Stressed Out? Taking Everything One Day at a Time

"Is it just me or do you ever have days where you wish with every ounce of your being that there were just a few more hours in the day? The thing is … sometimes those aren’t just days; they are weeks … full on weeks or even months of crazy busyness where it seems like you will not make it to the end..."

My Own Personal Bailout

"Who knew I would someday need my very own stimulus package? I guess that’s how everyone feels the first time something like this happens to them. Despite the sad facts, I guess I have held on for pretty long..."

UChic Pop Rocks: Take It to the Streets

With today’s heightened interest in fashion (TV shows like Project Runway, the devotion of museums like NYC-based International Center of Photography to fashion exhibits, celebrity forays into fashion design… the list could go on for days), it is no surprise that street style blogs are a popular, growing type of blogs. Such blogs, epitomized by the granddaddy of them all, The Sartorialist, combine the current fashion obsession and today’s preferred mode of expression. Unlike much of the user-generated content on the Internet, street style blogs are pleasantly entertaining, inspiring and even uplifting in their simple, unadorned presentation of what people are wearing.

Uchic Hot Topics: David Letterman and Sarah Palin


David Letterman has been a funny man on late night television for many years- but this time his jokes have crossed the line.

A joke Letterman made about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s 14-year-old daughter Willow having sex with a New York Yankees player has been played across the airwaves recently, causing many across the nation to grow angry.

There is a fine line between making jokes about public figures and downright just being nasty. Though it isn’t fair for him to make nasty jokes about Sarah Palin, she did willingly put herself into the spotlight and is therefore fair game.

However, the same is not true about her daughter. It was outrageous and unfair that Letterman would make such a comment about Palin’s daughter being promiscuous. This girl did not ask to be put in the spotlight.

I wonder how he would feel if he was in Willow's shoes.

UChic Pop Rocks: Does Star Power Sell?

Perusing the most recent Vogue, I could not help but notice the plethora of famous faces staring back from the pages, and not just from the editorial photo shoots. Every other ad displayed a familiar face: Scarlet Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana Cosmetics, Madonna for Louis Vuitton, Cate Blanchett for SK-II skincare, and so many more. Usually these star-studded ads go unnoticed specifically because they are so typical. Celebrity endorsements are the name of the game in the fashion world and beyond, and companies that have never used celebrities before are jumping on the endorsement-bandwagon with increasing rapidity.