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The College Fashionista: Come Join the Harem (Pants, That Is)

Now that it’s getting nice and warm, time to whip out your… harem pants? Yeah, we're not so sure either.

The drapey bottoms gotten their fair share of the spotlight on the runways, carrying over from the S/S 09 shows (Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith) into A/W 09 (Balmain, Christian Dior). But “ready-to-wear” doesn’t always mean that these are clothes we’re ready to wear...

The Balancing Act: One Day at a Time

Stressed? Seem like there aren't enough hours in the day? Seem like you'll never get through the week? This simple advice might help you out!

Politically Savvy: A Historic Day in Iowa

For most of us, today is just another Monday. Maybe it's an extra-stressful Monday with finals, exams, projects, and papers driving us a little insane. But for a few Americans in Iowa, today is a particularly historic day. Today, a recent ourt ruling gay unions legal in Iowa finally took effect, and gay couples have been lining up outside government offices this morning in Iowa to apply for their marriage licenses.

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled unanimously on April 3 that making gay marriage illegal would be unconstitutional, and thus became the third state in America (after Massachusetts and Vermont) to allow gay couples to wed. Many couple from neighboring midwestern states such as Minnesota are reported to be planning to go to Iowa to get married soon. However, gay rights groups have cautioned that in the eyes of the law, other states do not necessarily recognize same-sex marriages from another state. Despite that news, there is still expected to be an influx of same-sex couples travelling to Iowa to get married in the coming months.

Read more about it here.

UChic Pop Rocks: Chick Flicks Get Some Testosterone

“We’re actually kind of idiots.”

Such is the guiding philosophy of romantic comedies these days, as voiced by a man who gets to star in one of them.. With the statement above, Steve Zahn of the upcoming flick Managment was adding his two cents to the larger conversation about the latest stream of male-centered chick flicks. Many of the movies that have debuted recently or will premier within the season are romantic comedies whose protagonists, the ones with the emotional angst and the happy ending, are men: honest, vulnerable men. Or, you know, bumbling idiots.

In new movies like <a href="">I Love You, Beth Cooper</a>, <a hef="">Management</a>, <a href="">500 Days of Summer</a> and <a href="">Ghosts of Girlfriends Past</a>, the male has lost his swagger. Instead of playing the confident jerk or the smooth lover, actors like Zahn, Matthew McConaughey and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (familiar with the rom-com genre from one of <a herf="">the greatest films of our time</a>) play real guys with real weaknesses, guys who don’t have it all together, and guys who fall in and out of love. We may have seen male characters like this before (Gordon-Levitt had the pathetic act down to a tee back in ‘99), but very few romantic-comedies thus far have been male-driven.

For women, it’s probably a good thing— we’ve spent way too long watching the girl-next door get strung along, the scheming seductress bring her man down, or two drama queens fight over a guy with a hysterical superficiality that gives womanhood a bad name (<a href="">Bride Wars</a>, anyone?) And for men? Well, as put it, “the theaters will be teeming with opportunities for you and your buddies to go out and crush some brewskis before secretly crying crocodile tears in the dark for 90 minutes.” Sounds like everyone wins.

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UChic Pop Rocks: Fashion Gets the Presidential Treatment

The Michelle Obama Fashion Craze: it’s been impossible to avoid. From blogs to online photo slideshows and most notably, major news sources like MSNBC and the New York Times— whenever Obama gets dressed, there is a major media response.

Then there is the backlash, the media response to the media response. Scornful bloggers and sophisticated pundits alike have questioned: all this news coverage for someone’s clothes? Do we have nothing more important to fill the headlines?

In addition, certain media voices, particularly women, have expressed dismay that when faced with a successful, intelligent woman, all anyone wants to talk about is what she is wearing. The focus on something as frivolous as fashion, they reason, denies Michelle Obama the respect she deserves as a smart, accomplished woman in the world.

The Balancing Act: Attitude of Gratitude

If your attitude determines your latitude then being a little more thankful in life might just shift your perspective and perk up your day!

Money Matters: My Own Personal Bailout

Who knew I would someday need my very own stimulus package? I guess that’s how everyone feels the first time something like this happens to them. Despite the sad facts, I guess I have held on for pretty long. Most of my friends in college have managed to overdraft their accounts several times each so far. I have spent my entire college career living on the edge and two weeks ago, finally, it got to me. I overdrew my bank account for the first time in my life.

Politicall Savvy: The rise of community organizing

The New York Times has a new story up this week about the surge in popularity of community organizing jobs. It seems our generation is taking to community organizing -- and community service -- in larger numbers than previous generations.

A job that has not been all that alluring to college graduates is in resurgence, according to leading community organizers and educators. Once thought of as a destination for lefty radicals committed to living lives of low pay, frustration and bitter burnout, community organizing is now seen by many young people an exciting career.

With their jobs, students envision helping communities address urgent issues — economics or the environment, education or social justice — while developing leadership skills. And these jobs, students say, can actually lead to ... well, you know.

“Community organizing has become cool,” said Marshall Ganz, who dropped out of Harvard in 1964 to join the civil rights movement in Mississippi and spent 16 years with Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers. Of course, a tough economy helps attract people to professions they might not have otherwise considered, as does a crusading time when Wall Street has become a symbol of greed, arrogance and irresponsibility.

Surprised? I'm not. I myself have been considering community organizing, community service, and activist organizations as I search for jobs post-graduation. I don't know about you, but I'm not looking for a job that will get me a sweet six-figure salary and a comfortable apartment in the Lower East Side of New York. I'm looking for something that will allow me to make a difference. I think in today's rapidly changingh world, what with our deteriorating economy and all, money is becoming less important as people realize that markets are unstable and money is not constant. What's becoming more important to many young people is finding work that is fulfilling and rewarding.

What do you think? Would you consider community organizing?


Money Matters: Recession Confessions

Everywhere you turn, there is someone talking about the economy. Whether it’s the latest government bailout, dipping magazine revenues or blowout sales at the big department stores, ominous talk of The Recession lurks at every turn.

But in college, it can be hard to tell...

The Balancing Act: Breath in the Music

Sometimes life is so busy you want to pull your hair out and scream. You are cramming all night for that exam. You have 3 papers to write. You have to go to work at 7am and you are studying until 2am. You have to make some calls for that event your planning. You forgot to do that one homework assignment. You need to do laundry. You have endless schoolwork to do and a birthday party to attend. You need to go grocery shopping. Your family is in town and you need to show them around. You need to put gas in your car. Your parents are visiting the dorms. Your kids need to go to the doctor. You have 2 books to read in a week. The list goes on, endlessly. Sometimes we just need a minute to breath.

Sometimes one of the best ways to breath is the sooth yourself with music. In your car, on your ipod, on your laptop, in the stereo … a few minutes of the right tunes can calm your nerves and put you in the right mood to keep on going with your crazy life.

For me, it is classical music all the way. I played in orchestra and as I listen to Yo-Yo Ma’s bow glide over the cello strings my tension and anxiety floats away. For others it is jazz, alternative, country, rap, rock, or opera. Sometimes you have to take a 5 minute (or longer) breather and just relax and listen to the music that helps you chill out. Take a walk and listen to your ipod. Sit in your car for an extra minute before you get out and just soak it in. Pick your genre, your album, your artist, for maximum relaxation and breath in the music!