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How Do You Like Them Apels?: The TSA at the Super Bowl

If you are at the Super Bowl on Sunday and your team is playing badly, don’t scowl, because the TSA is watching you. According to CNN, the Transportation Security Administration has designated several groups of agents to watch fans at the game and look out for suspicious or unusual body language. These agents are supposed

UChic Pop Rocks: The Latest in Cyber Stalking

Fashionistas at French Vogue are doing it. Congressmen are doing it. The New York Times is doing it. That kid sitting next to you in your psych class is probably doing it. Even the president of my university, if you believe it, is doing it. And everybody’s talking about it. The latest phenomenon sweeping the

The Balancing Act: The Launch

The alarm goes off at 5:45am. Hop in the shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, off to work. Work all day. Get off, drive home, grab a bite to eat, grab school books, off to class. Class all night. Back in the car, drive home, do some homework. Fall into bed at midnight. Somehow, this schedule

Politically Savvy: Keep Track of Obama’s Promises with the Obameter

The election is long over, and the inauguration too. John McCain is back in the Senate, Sarah Palin is back in Alaska, George Bush back in Texas, and Barack Obama has moved into the White House. Who would have though, two years ago when this campaign first started, that we'd reach this day? It was

How Do You Like Them Apels?: The Twilight Series

Add together a clan of vampires, a slightly annoying protagonist and a complicated love story and what do you get? A bestselling novel and movie, of course! The Twilight series is one of the most popular set of novels for teenage and college age girls, as well as a movie sensation, having grossed over $70

UChic Pop Rocks: Recessionistas

It’s no “breaking news” that with the recent economic climate, people—women in particular— are shopping less. Not only can many women no longer afford high-end shoes, bags and clothes, but the pendulum of fashion trends has swung away from luxe and glitz and towards a more staid, bling-free look. But who’s having the toughest time changing their tune? The fashion mags. Top rags like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Marie Claire have typically filled their pages with models in haute couture and images of Chanel bags, Jimmy Choo heels and Cavalli jackets as “great buys!” Fashion equaled luxe and it went without question that that is what American women were striving for.

So what now?



Purple Toes Jewelry by DRyan327

My name is Donna. When I retired I began making hand crafted jewelry for the young, funky and hip. I love it...come see.

UChic Pop Rocks: Lost in The City

Creating something out of nothing. That’s what The City (and the work of genius that spawned it, The Hills) endeavors to do every time the cameras roll. Young, bright-eyed twenty-somethings move to Manhattan all the time in the hopes of seeing their dreams come true— but does this make their lives TV-worthy? Is Whitney Port’s

UChic Pop Rocks: All About Jen

Two of my most favorite things in the world collided this past week to create a lot of media buzz: Jennifer Aniston and GQ Magazine. Jennifer Aniston’s impossibly toned and impossibly naked body graces the cover of GQ’s latest issue, with the headline, “Is it just us, or is Jennifer Aniston getting hotter?” With timing

UChic Pop Rocks: Fashion Weak

Designer Betsey Johnson, the wacky, fun-loving girlie-girl of the fashion world, announced last week that she will not be staging a runway show in the main Bryant Park tents for Fashion Week in New York this February. Although the reason was not given, it’s probably a money issue: putting up a Fashion Week show in Bryant Park, the main site for the big-name shows, costs a designer at least $100,000. What's a designer to do?