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UChic Advice: De-Dorm Your Room!

have been a dorm dweller for five years, and I’ve lived in some of the most unbearable rooms ever. But you’re stuck so you might as well channel your inner HGTV star. There are obvious things you can do to make dorm life more bearable. Throw up some posters and lay out a rug. But here are some things you might not necessarily think of.

UChick Pop Picks: Legos and the Bible

It is amazing what can be done with legos. I remember watching my brothers build entire cities with these plastic pieces, but now they have found another purpose. The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith has taken it upon himself to recreate each verse of the Bible with legos. The site was first launched in 2001 and

UChic Pop Picks: Can You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

In honor of July 4th, last week MSNBC placed a twenty question online test on their website. The test takes questions from US Citizenship Test. Review your nations history and then go to the site and find out if you could be a citizen.

UChic Pop Picks: Summer School Getting You Down?

At the beginning, when I signed up for a summer school class, I thought that it wouldn’t be too bad. This is my second year taking summer classes and I like to take classes that I know I will enjoy, but that don’t fit into my schedule if I want to graduate on time. I

Politically Savvy: John McCain Likes His Weekends

There are plenty of big, breaking stories in the news everyday, but none seem to capture the general electorate's attention more than those that fixate on the personal lives of their country's leaders. In the headlines over the last few days has been an interesting story about how Senator and presumptive Republican nominee for president

UChic Pop Picks:Save World Hunger One Vocabulary Word at a Time

That’s right at you play a game. Every question you answer correctly donates 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program. The game is vocabulary words of all levels. You receive a word with a choice of four definitions. If you choose the correct definition, you donate rice. So improve your vocabulary

Politically Savvy: The Great Public Financing Debate

Under ever-growing scrutiny from the media and voters, last week Senator Barack Obama made a decision that would start a new flurry or arguments and debates: he chose to reject public financing for the general election. Public financing would mean using public money to fund his campaign from now until November. With public financing comes

UChic Pop Picks: Everything is Illuminated

When I saw the movie in 2005 with Elijah Wood, I was extremely impressed with the storyline, the humor, the underlying sadness of the story. I am glad I saw the movie first because after the book it is kind of a let down. Not that Hollywood is capable of the different points of view

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Swimsuit Picks for Summer 2008

Whether you have fair skin or have been tanning year-round, whether you love your thighs or have been on a diet since December, and whether you are ready or not, Summer 2008 has officially begun. With summer comes lounging by the pool and getting your tan on at the beach, and for those fabulous activities,

UChic Pop Picks: Free Music Players on the Internet

At one of my jobs this summer, my coworkers love to listen to music while we work. We work in the box office of the concert hall on campus and currently sales aren’t as high because students are on vacation. Usually someone goes to a site, picks something to listen to and we go from