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Get Empowered: Is the Perfect Gift Hiding in Your Closet?

Is the perfect gift hiding in your closet?

Get Empowered: Can Depression Lead to Breast Cancer?

Despite the typical grinning, half-haphazardly posed college girl that I appear to be in my multitude of Facebook photos, I wasn’t always the happy-go-lucky, live-and-let-live type of woman that I am today. I struggled with tons of issues during high school — with my family, with my boyfriend and mostly, with myself. I came to

Get Inspired: Are You Making Your Dreams Reality — Right Now?

I think every one of us has a crazy, far-fetched dream. Whether it be a more short-term dream like landing an internship at a huge magazine or more long-term like becoming a huge, successful (insert profession of your choice) by age 25. Everyone of us has something that, deep down, we really want more than

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Holiday Hair Do’s and Don’ts

After you find that perfect party dress, you may have the urge to make an appointment to get your hair professionally done. This is completely acceptable if you simply have too much money on your hands (if this is the case, make checks payable to Melanie K. Harris) or if you are going to a

Glimpse of Gorgeous: Holiday Hair Do's and Don'ts

After you find that perfect party dress, you may have the urge to make an appointment to get your hair professionally done. This is completely acceptable if you simply have too much money on your hands (if this is the case, make checks payable to Melanie K. Harris) or if you are going to a

Get Inspired: Take up Knitting!

My high school English teacher could knit 2 scarves 3 hats and a sweater by lunch. She didn't even look at what she was doing. She would just talk and her hands would be doing all of the work. She eventually started a knitting club for students and it was actually really popular. They made hats and scarves and blankets to donate to homeless shelters and it was a big success!

Right now, you are probably out of school. You've probably watched all of the MTV reruns and done the crosswords in the newspaper. You've shopped, and watched movies with friends, and you are bored. B-O-R-E-D. Yes, I know how that feels.

Well, why not knit something? Or a few things? Go to the local craft store and pick up some colorful yarn and knitting needles. Most of the time, the needles will have instructions on the back for basic knitting. If not, you can look them up on the internet. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to knitting.

Next, play around with it a little bit. Try knitting a blanket or a scarf as those items are all done in straight lines. You might not pick it up right away, but it's addicting. Keep trying.

When you finish your fantabulous knitting creation, think about donating it to a local battered women's shelter or homeless shelter. You will feel good knowing that your work has been for a good cause, and someone else will benefit greatly from it.

Health Nut: Inside Exercise

So you want to exercise to avoid those extra holiday calories, but you don’t have access to a gym? Here are some suggestions for inside workouts. Video: Your local library should have fun workout videos to play to keep up with your cardio. Try something new—videos range from 80s dance to yoga. Pushups and sit-ups:

Get Inspired: Have Time to Be Jealous?

What exactly is it about us that makes it so we "hate" other girls? Okay, maybe "hate" is a strong word but honestly. Is it the competitive nature or is it the jealousy factor? And if you are one of the lucky ones who so happened to be privileged all your life, do you notice that jealousy is what you have to deal with by a day by day basis? Or is it that, maybe without you even knowing, you are the one who kind of inflicts the jealousy upon herself?

As I was talking to one of my good guy friends a while back, I wondered out loud "Why do girls really hate each other so much?" To my surprise, he answered with a superficial, "Because they think other girls are better than them." Um, better how? Prettier? Richer? More popular? I've always been very secure with myself and if I felt like I wanted something, I went ahead and got it. A new Chanel purse? I got it. A new nose? Sure, why not? But the catch is, nobody gave these to me. I earned them. I worked hard, got a job over the summer, and woke up every morning during my summer vacation around 5AM in order to fulfill my responsibilities. That doesn't matter in the "girl world" apparently. I still got hated on.

Maybe it was me. Maybe it was me running to my friends and squealing about my new Chanel purse. Was I rubbing it in their faces? I asked my best friend whether she believes that was the case but she shook her head vehemently and stated that if I did that to her, she would have been equally happy for me instead of staring at my purse in disdain. But of course, she has been given everything she could ever want by her single mother ever since she was born. She would say that, right?

Is jealousy what makes us hate other girls? Or is it some other underlying psychological issue? If it is jealousy, there must be more to be jealous of than material things - grades, boyfriends, friends, family, and even her personality. Maybe she's just too nice. Either way, I suggest another challenge at you: Next time you want to dismiss a girl in one of your conversations "just because", try and figure out why you do that. Hate is such a negative thing in this world and in today's lifestyle of uncertainty, we don't need to waste our time hating each other. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, remember?

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