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Trend Report: Spring Showers Bring Cute Raincoats and Wellies

Hate the rain but crave a waterproof look that rocks? Get your own shower power with our top rainy day picks!

Win a Trip to NYC – Vote for Your Favorite College Fashionista!

How much do you love your college conference? Vote for your favorite college fashionista and you could score a trip to New York City!

Ivy League Schools Ban iPads on Campus?

The world's hottest new tech toy is getting the cold shoulder from some of the country's most elite schools.

Trend Report: Spring Scarves

A light, airy scarf is the perfect accessory for spring and summer!

The Vampire Diaries: Under Control

With four episodes left till the season finale, The Vampire Diaries came back last night with a taste of what's to come-- and let me tell you it doesn't look all too pretty.

Earth Day Made Easy

With Earth Day only a week away, we run down what schools around the country are doing to have a positive impact on the environment.

College Women and the Victimization Label

There is a very fine line between what is and is not considered to be rape.


Are You Ready to Battle it Out?

We're making a big announcement on Wednesday that could mean a trip to NYC for one lucky girl...

New Study Shows Sharing With Sibs, Less Parental Involvement Make For Better Family Dynamics

Spend all your high school years duking it out with your brother or sister? A new study out of the University of Missouri indicates the better you bonded with your fam, the better off you are in the future.

Major Publisher Responds to Unpaid Interns Crackdown

We told you yesterday how the Feds were going to start pressing charges against companies who implemented unpaid college internship programs as a means of slave labor. Well, today (shockingly) the first company to come out publicly is none other than one from the publishing community (typically the worst offenders of all).

Atlantic Media (home of both the The Atlantic and The Journal) has announced plans to not only pay their CURRENT interns but to also past interns as well.