Get Inspired: The Truth about STDs

Unless you've been hiding under a rock all last week I'm sure you heard that last week a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that in the U.S, 1 in 4 teen girls has a Sexually Transmitted Disease(STD). The study is based on 839 sexually active teens aged 14-19 but it only covered four common diseases such as chlamydia, trichomoniasis, the Human Papiloma Virus(HPV) and herpes. The study used a sample of 839 girls. Think about the percentage that means out of four teenage friends one of them probably either has an STD or will be treated for one.


Get Inspired: Quick, Easy, Healthy Eating

Pour some water into a small saucepan until it is about 3/4 full. Place pan on stove until bubbles start coming up. Then, add pasta. Stir occasionally until pasta is soft. Next, follow directions on the blue box or add the Ramen flavoring. Lastly, pour contents into a bowl and run off to your next class or finish last night's homework.

Let's face it, most college girls are not gourmet chefs. We're lucky if we have time to shower in the morning, much less cook a three course meal in between classes, meetings, part time jobs, and of course, being fabulous! However, this often causes our eating habits to suffer with frequent visits to McDonald's and 10 cent packages of Ramen.

Eating well doesn't require hours of preparation. Look for pre-cooked chicken breasts in the frozen foods section at the grocery store and stock up on fresh vegetables that only take a few minutes to cook. Try preparing your meals on the weekends when you have extra time and store them in your refrigerator or freezer to eat during the week.

If you are interested in experimenting, there are lots of cookbooks devoted to healthy cooking on the go. Try Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals cookbook. All of the recipes are easy to cook and delicious! There's nothing a little EVOO (Ray's famous abbreviation for extra virgin olive oil) can't do.

No one wants to gain the freshman, sophomore, and junior fifteen! Preparing healthy meals at home will help cut the calories as well as make you feel more satisfied after eating. Plus, it's great practice for that real world thing people are always talking about.

Get Empowered: Shape Up and Stretch Correctly

Now, I'm no fitness buff, but I do know a thing or two when it comes to keeping myself healthy.  I know that I should do a mix of cardio and some kind of strength training.  I know I should probably avoid McDonald's if I ever want to tone my belly back down to its 18-year old state.  And I know, or at least, thought, that I needed to stretch before

Health Nut: What is Drunkorexia?

In health class, the teacher always recommended that you should eat a big meal before a night of drinking so that it would slow your metabolism and you wouldn’t get drunk as quickly. It turns out, some women are taking this advice the opposite way. Women are not eating because they want to save their

Get Empowered: Will Nutrition Profiling Help You Eat Healthier?

I like to pretend that I know what I should eat in order to remain healthy, happy and relatively skinny. I stay away from sweets at all costs (except for those delicious Hershey Pies from Burger King – yum!), I limit my intake of mac & cheese and/or ramen noodles and I snack on stuff like blueberries and hummus with pita instead of potato chips. And red meat? Never!

Health Nut: Gardasil for Men–Will They Buy It?

Gardasil may be approved for men, as early as 2009, according to a New York Times article. Why would men want to get this series of three shots? Gardasil publicists are hoping that the drug’s prevention of genital warts, along with the altruistic thought that they are decreasing cervical cancer for women, will be enough.

Health Nut: Training for a Triathlon

I completed my first duathon last Saturday, and I am hooked. The race was a 2.2-mile run, an 11-mile bike, and another 2.2-mile run. I have only been running regularly for a couple weeks, so I thought I would just take my time through the events. But, when the starting horn sounded, the adrenaline started

Get Inspired: Everyday Minerals — A Healthy Makeup Alternative

My current obsession? Everyday Minerals. It’s an all-natural mineral makeup that doesn’t break you out at all. Okay, I know we’ve all heard of Bare Minerals or Bare Escentuals.

Health Nut: Alcohol Use Increases from High School to College (Duh)

A recent study showed that women’s increase in alcohol from high school to college increases their vulnerability to physical and sexual victimization. I wish that I was surprised by this report, but to me this is obvious. Especially at my school, a large number of freshmen begin drinking in college. This may lead to some

Get Empowered: Can High Heels Be Good For You?

Some women are known to have a slight obsession with shoes. I have to admit, I'm one of them. I love a cute pair of flats paired with skinny jeans or a hot pair of boots (yes, with the fur), but because I'm 4'10", high heels are my ultimate weakness. But according to a new