Get Empowered: Commit to Exercising (Even If Doesn’t Seem to Work!)

Despite the fact that I stand at a mere 4'10", I (like most college girls out there) feel that I - and maybe my social life – would benefit from dropping about 10 lbs.

Get Empowered: Commit to Exercising (Even If Doesn't Seem to Work!)

Despite the fact that I stand at a mere 4'10", I (like most college girls out there) feel that I - and maybe my social life – would benefit from dropping about 10 lbs.

Get Empowered: The Truth About Seafood

I grew up on an island (Martha's Vineyard, off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, to be exact), so I have always had a certain affinity for seafood. I loved it all – from the funny-looking flounder my dad would catch to the succulent shrimp my grandparents would serve with cocktail sauce everyday at

Get Inspired: Cut Procrastination Out of Your Life

"Procrastination" – about six years ago most of us probably had never heard of this word; but today, it has shot to the forefront of our vocabulary, with everyone and their best friend claiming themselves to be a major procrastinator. Most of these self-proclaimed procrastinators are really not that bad. But then there are the

Get Inspired: Veganism is hella sexy.

Like many of you girls out there, I've tried almost every other diet known to mankind. I even had enough creativity to make up my own! I've tried the fat-free diet (eating only foods that have exactly 0 grams of fat), no-cook diet, five-factor diet, calorie restriction diet, and everything else in between. sigh.

Obviously, they haven't worked. If they did, I doubt I would have gone on so many different types. And surprise, surprise! One of my new years resolutions is to eat healthy and get back into shape. It's time to step out of hibernation, I decided.

The most inspiring method of eating healthy? Skinny Bitch is a no-fuss, straight-up way of teaching all you sexy women out there to eat well. I picked up this book after finding out they advocated the vegan lifestyle. Yep, that's right. No more meat, eggs, and cheeeeese. But Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin (authors of Skinny Bitch) make it sound sexier than your most risque party dress. And they give you straight facts. Something that was pleasantly surprising from a book with profanity in its title.

Reading this book will open your eyes to the all the atrocities of the meat business. How cows cry out in grief because their families are getting slaughtered. How chickens are put in cages so small that they can't even turn around. How they are packed with steroids so they'll ultimately grow bigger than normal. Yea, spit out that piece of grilled chicken sandwich you were eating.

Of course, like many others, I doubted my loyalty to this lifestyle. It made me excited and ready for my new adventure. I love, love, love animals so I knew I was doing this for a cause also. But alas, when I went out the other night for dinner with some friends, I was definitely tempted. But no one is telling you to be perfect. Start slow one day at a time. You don't think you'll be sexy from eating like this? Check out the pic of the authors - former models? Bring it on. I would kill to look like them. Oh yea, and Victoria Beckham even was spotted picking up a copy. Reason enough?

Best of all, they just came out with a new book that's chock full of vegan recipes. So easy that I can even pull it off - and trust me, I can't even boil an egg. So pick it up for some New Years inspiration! Maybe you'll find the passion and the heart to carry on this lifestyle not just for yourself, but for the treatment of animals everywhere.

Get Empowered: Will Your Resolutions This Year Fly or Flop?

Will your resolutions this year fly or flop?

Get Empowered: Is fat the new thin?

I have always been the girl who could eat whatever she wanted – greasy McDonald’s French fries accompanied by a quarter-pounder with cheese, funnel cakes at the fair, triple-scoop ice cream cones. At a mere 4’10”, I count my lucky stars that my metabolism is lightning-fast. I do realize; however, that not everyone can consume

Health Nut: Food Labels Continue to Confuse Consumers

As I put the holiday Ritz crackers out to accompany the cheddar cheese this holiday season, I noticed something. The Ritz were really salty. Of course, these delectable crackers have never been low in sodium, but I was still shocked. Turns out, we got the multi-grain crackers. While the multi-grain crackers are made with a

Health Nut: Inside Exercise

So you want to exercise to avoid those extra holiday calories, but you don’t have access to a gym? Here are some suggestions for inside workouts. Video: Your local library should have fun workout videos to play to keep up with your cardio. Try something new—videos range from 80s dance to yoga. Pushups and sit-ups:

Health Nut: Protect Those Baby Blues (or Browns, or Greens…)

Dry Eye syndrome is a constant lack of enough moisture and lubrication in the eye. It is caused by many things, including: -The environment- always wear sunglasses outside and minimize the amount you use air conditioning and heating units) -Certain medicines- antihistamines, antidepressants, birth control pills -Not blinking often enough- make sure to turn away