LYD Star: Actress Jillian Kinsey

Jillian Kinsey will not immediately strike you as a daredevil. She has long blonde waves and bright eyes, she is reserved, but exceptionally polite (especially for the gritty city of New York).  But if you get her talking about performing– instantly a fire is lit. While her passion has always been performing, she took what was

LYD Star: Actress and Author Swoosie Kurtz

Speaking to critically acclaimed actress, and recent author, Swoosie Kurtz is like having a telephone call with your favorite ‘grown-up’ female relative; a welcomed chat — enjoyable and entertaining to be sure— filled with articulate insight, true pearls of wisdom. Upon hanging up, you’ve got a new, fresh perspective, a great appreciation for women who’ve

Senior Year: 5 Step College Graduation Prep

AH! The time has finally come to venture out into the real world and start your professional career! It’s an exciting time, but also stressful. Even though it is exciting and new (and let’s face it—a little sad), there are some steps that we all have to take to prep for graduation. We’ve gathered 5

Chicsters Share: 5 Dream Study Abroad Destinations

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience! It allows you to learn about a new culture & way of life! Also you never know what you may see or who you might meet! It is a great way to expand your knowledge and education and makes you a great candidate for potential jobs by showing your

Follow Friday: What We Read and Shared This Week

Chicsters! Finally, it’s Friday. Sit back, relax and take a quick break to check out must-read and Twitter highlights that we shared this week. LYD Stars: Larcy: “Instead of being fearful of change, however, she was fearless; leaving a prestigious advertising position at the iconic The New York Times to pursue her dreams of

LYD Star: Larcy

Not very often in life do we find ourselves ready to make big changes, right now.  When it comes to careers, for young women especially, there is an immense pressure to find something you’re good at and grow with it— even if that means sticking with something that doesn’t satisfy you. We push out of

Real World Reality Check: Ace Your Interview

So you landed an interview for what seems like your perfect job… that’s great! Unfortunately hearing back from a company is only half of the battle; you still have to ace your interview. Here are some tips to help you impress during your interview and land your dream job! 1. Practice answering common interview questions

Week in Review: What We Read and Shared

Chicsters! Finally, the weekend.  Take a quick break and check on your days off and check out great highlights this past week: Health Hack- The Benefits of Yoga for College Women: “Between keeping up with schoolwork, sorority events, part-time jobs and who knows what else, it’s easy to forget to set aside “me time.” Yoga

Make the Most of Your Time: Senior Year Spring Semester

Being a senior in college is a weird feeling. It’s bizarre to think that every time you come visit home, it’s one less time you’ll be travelling back to school. Honestly, this whole year has been a rollercoaster ride—emotionally and physically—and I can safely say that any senior you talk to will say the exact

UChic’s First ‘Live Your Dreams Star’ Twitter Chat with Betsy Chasse

Chicsters! Spring is blooming and so are our social initiatives— we’re so excited to announce our first #LYDStars Twitter Chat this Wednesday, March 26, at 8PM Eastern Time hosted on the UChic Twitter Page. Betsy Chasse, author of the well-received, just-released Tipping Sacred Cows is sharing tips with our social audience on how to ‘Live Your Dreams’