U Chic Blogs for The Huffington Post!

Stressed out and frusterated over all the financial cutbacks going on at your school? Read all about how the credit crunch is impacting students across the country.

Facebook to Launch Location Feature Next Month

Finding your friends just got easier. Get the lowdown on Facebook's new location finder.

Project Runway Recap: Hardwear

Things got down and dirty when the designers are forced to channel their inner handyman for their latest challenge.

Trend Report: Alice in Wonderland

Don't worry - you don't have to be "mad" to score one of these hot new items!

Project Runway Recap: I Believe the Children Are Our Future…Downfall

Pint-sized models with oversized enthusiasm push the designers to the limit with this week's challenge.

UrbanSkinny: A New Lifestyle for the Chic Chick!

Urban Skinny, a book and concept developed by Danielle Schupp, one of America's most sought after dietians, and her client turned fellow writer, Stephanie Krikorian. The concept of dieting is simple–change your lifestyle to fit your diet– but the practice never is! Dieting often leaves you frustrated, craving and cranky, but this new book teaches the "chic" urbanistas how to lose weight AND keep their lifestyle.

Project Runway Recap: The Underdog Scores the Cover

The chance to dress Heidi for the cover of a magazine takes a favorable turn for one designer who's spent way too much time in the bottom three.

Project Runway Recap: Seeing Red and Broken Hearts

The latest PR challenge hits a little too close to home for Anthony, but proves that bang gang might be a real force to be reckoned with.

Video games take on classic novel plots

If you forgot to read your English assignment over the weekend because you were getting your party on, don’t worry- you may be able to catch the general meaning of the plot after playing a video game for a few hours.

Superbowl Ads- The Good, The Bad and The Expensive!

Superbowl commercials last 30 seconds, and cost 3.0 million dollars. That's 1 million per every 10 seconds. Is it worth it? Here's a list of the most entertaining from 2009 and also a new controversy that has sparked for the eagerly anticipated ads of 2010.