Dating 101: Attract a Man…By Not Talking?

I know they call it the “dating game” for a reason, but is tricking a man into being with you really acceptable?

Apparently, Margaret Kent, author of How to Marry the Man of Your Choice, thinks so.

In her book, Kent discusses several ways you can nab your dream lover – and keep him.

Her main piece of advice? Do the listening, not the talking. Basically, in the 12 short chapters of Kent’s book, she teaches women that in order for a man to fall in love with you, you must not reveal any of yourself to your partner, but rather encourage him to share every little deep and juicy detail with you. This will inevitably make him fall in love with you (or at least, your superb listening skills).

Although there is other advice woven throughout the book, the main point seems to be to shut your mouth if you want someone to love you. How absolutely ridiculous is that? In this day and age, do people really believe that women should be silent and passive and let the man have total emotional control over the relationship?

I don’t know about you girls, but I’d rather have someone fall in love with me – the real me – rather than just the fact that I cater to his ego.

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    Sounds like an interesting read. I agree that her advice is a little unnerving. Her advice of being some type of “mystery” to your mate and hiding your real self sounds like a one way ticket to a future divorce. So the woman should dumb down her real personality traits and make the man feel like he’s the most interesting one in the relationship? I mean yeah everyone needs an ego boost every now and then but sounds like she’s promoting women to be some type of Stepford Wife.Jeez. So basically he’d be falling in love with an illusion that he’ll eventually see through once they get married, live together and do all those other “married couple” things. I don’t know sounds kind of backwards to me!