Dating 101: Like A Virgin

College is all about new ideas and new experiences. As soon as you electronically sign that FAFSA form, you’re asking for your life to change in at least a few dramatic ways. One of these changes could involve your views on sexuality.

You’ve always planned to stay a virgin until marriage. You can’t imagine walking down that aisle in a white dress — without your V-card. However, it seems like all the girls on your floor and in your classes are hooking up with just about every available frat brother, computer geek or indie kid around.

So, the question is: Can virginity survive college? With all that sexual tension practically oozing from your dorm room walls, is it really possible to obtain a bachelor’s degree, V-card still in hand?

Obviously, virginity is a personal choice. I believe that it is possible to stay a virgin throughout college, but difficult. In fact, 80% of us will graduate having hit the sack with someone, according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

What do you think about remaining a virgin in the over-sexed world of college? Share your stories!

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    Great article! Very true that it is possible to stay a virgin, just really hard. I myself am still a member with a V-card but am also barely entering into my second year, and will finally be moving into the dorms come spring semester. My personal choice is try and stick with celibacy because a) I really don’t want a disease b) I really don’t want to deal with the emotions of getting pregnant and c) Can someone please practice some self control??