Okay ladies and ladies, guess what? I feel fat. I’m not happy with my body at all and I actually started working out last week. But I'm still fat.

I know results will take a while but I want the weight to come off fast. It’s not coming off fast enough. I confided in one of my gay male friends and he said, “Girl you better do what Beyonce did! She lost 20 pounds in two weeks.” Now my goal is to drop 20 pounds by the end of the summer, but if B did it in two weeks, I should try her method right?

Well I did a little research and my role model did a cleansing/ fasting diet. I’m sorry, but I get upset when I miss a meal, I couldn’t possibly fast for a straight two weeks. Now there are some side effects to fasting: like dizziness, nausea, and headaches. I want to be thin but I’m not willingly to go to the extreme of not eating. I want to eat great while losing weight. Ladies, am I the only one that feels this way?

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    you are DEFINITELY not the only one who feels like this. I also wanted to drop 20 pounds by the end of the summer, but every time I’d eat healthy for a couple of days, or go to the gym a few times, I’d get upset when I didn’t see instantaneous results. I joined weight watchers just about a week ago, cause I needed a structured program. I wasn’t providing myself with enough motivation alone, but weighing in every week, not to mention forking over my hard-earned money every Monday, is getting me some results! Stick with it, you can do it!