Hot Topic Thursday: Can We Move Forward?

As we find out exactly how premeditated the shootings at Virginia Tech were, it becomes painfully obvious that the teasing and harassment pushed the gunman over the edge. I mean, there’s no justification to taking someone’s life but I feel like this could have been prevented.

Everyone reading this blog right now can recall a time when they’ve felt violated, insulted or teased because something about them is different. But luckily, we were probably able to brush it off. When it’s a constant source of pain, can someone really brush it off?

In the aftermath of this horrible violent act, we can’t let the innocent students’ lives be lost in vain. Cherish your friends and family, keep an open mind about the differences you see in others and pay attention when someone is silently screaming for help.

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    Everyone has felt teased, insulted or violated at some point and its weird to think just how far people can go sometimes in response to that. In that sense if he was victimized that’s unfortunate, but it didn’t give him the right to kill innocent people, some of which probably never even knew who he was. It’s difficult what to think because the shooter has caused so much pain within in the lives of the victims’ familities and alarm across college campuses everywhere.

    I also understand teasing occurs, but thats when you find something else in life to focus of concentrate on. I’m not sure to what extent he was teased, but he was in college and everyone no matter if you’re a loner, a nerd, an athlete, whoever can find someone to relate to, but maybe he just didn’t want to. However, he has not left a legacy in which people will sympathize with him, but where most peole will feel a sense of anger and confusion towards him.