So, the Bachelor ended and Travis and Sarah broke up…so I’m on to *American Idol*, _(oh reality t.v. why do you tease me so?)_ *The final 12 will be named tonight.* This is when it really gets interesting. I can’t even remember the people who were voted off last week. My favorites to win are Taylor, Catherine and Ace.

Tonight I would like to see Ayla, Kinnik or Melissa go home. Well….Melissa could stay, but I don’t think she will win. I thought Ayla was alright, but I think singing Unwritten, by Natasha Bedingfield was a mistake. That song is so hot right now and Natasha has a really unique tone to her voice. As for the guys, *please let Kevin get sent home!* And let Will go with him. Taylor, Ace and Chris really rock. It’s going to be really difficult to let people go after tonight…I may even have to start voting.